HRK (Croatian Kuna) Account


2019 are still young


The hope dies last…


HRK account, yes please!!


BGN to HRK: “Welcome to the club of the lonely hearts!” :slight_smile:


Just to let all of you know that HRK is now listed as a bank transfer currency (it’s not yet a wallet/top -up currency), so it should be possible to send HRK for free to Croatian bank accounts - HOWEVER - it does not work for me yet, the transfer gets rejected.

Could some of you try sending HRK via bank transfer and let me know if it’s only me or there’s an actual problem with HRK transfers?


If you do not have top-up it is useless as you have to do double conversion via another currency (like HRK-EUR-HRK) in order to have HRK in such account from your HRK debit… so not so much fun.


Not if i use transferwise and then revolut :wink:

BGN has been an available bank transfer currency ever since the beginning, we are getting this possibity only now for HRK


Did somebody try sending HRK to their HRK accounts? My transfers still get rejected. Support is useless.


What you mean, BGN… where, in Revolut?!


Yes, BGN has always been availanle for bank transfer, but not as a top up currency.


I would be happy if we have HRK accounts, even if we did not have the ability to top up via bank trasfer but at least with card…


I really dont understand how Business accounts have HRK and Personal does not? where is the catch? please revolut add HRK currency!


We need HRK ! :heart: