How can we make Premium/Metal 10x better?

If you removed the unlimited cashback then there is no reason at all to have gaps between Europe and Non Europe purchases.

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they are entirely gone for new metal customers, signing up today

Right now travel insurance only covers health expanses.

Personal liability insurance which is industry standard would be nice. If it can’t come with card by default at least let us buy it for the trip from the app. Maybe with nice discount. :grinning:


Full account functionality in Ireland. If you were to offer overdraft facility along with a full current account, a lot of people would be using Revolut as their main account. I would be upgrading to your Metal account immediately.

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I agree with this especially now more than ever. :+1:

My gripe is that ‘White Horse’ does not offer comprehensive insurance. They just deal with claims when you signup with revolut travel. :stethoscope:

Does anyone have the email again that shows what revolut is covering more with metal again, as I deleted mine on accident and if so, what’s the main comparison?

I actually posted about this a week ago in the metal FAQ thread but it’s went unanswered. I’m pretty keen to know what the “improved” travel insurance will be like on the metal plan. I spoke to live chat said they intend to add lost luggage and flight cancellation but had no further info. Right now metal has a really weak travel insurance package.

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If they can provide travel cancellation for this, that would be fantastic! Lost luggage is another good factor but I’d also like to see personal liability cover too since they’re already charging £75 for excess and £75 is a lot for very little cover. :ambulance:

£75 excess is literally wild for what they provide; @Iskender paid 0€ excess on a 30€ claim with another provider iirc

It really is wild. Even curve has a far better travel insurance policy for its price. (Just to compare fintech’s policies) :anger:

That policy that @Iskender has sounds really good. @Iskender mind sharing what company it is please? :mag_right:

Yeah I fully agree. Curve has a fully comprehensive annual multi trip travel policy with a 90 day limit per trip and no requirement to pay for the trip on their card. It also includes worldwide mobile phone cover. Revolut really need to up their game in this area. Having stripped away a number of metal benefits they made this announcement of ‘improved’ travel cover but weeks later there still zero details on what that actually is. Revolut was originally focused for the digital nomad/traveller but recently I don’t feel their focus is on this any more with their expansion of all the other areas e.g. crypto, commodities and trading. At the same time their cutting FX limits and increasing weekend markup. I understand they need to make money and want to move people onto their premium products but for the price of metal I want more than just emergency medical cover with a £75 excess!

Offer a cheaper option / support more banking features.

I currently have no incentive to buy Premium as I still need to have a regular bank nevertheless.

I would consider Premium if:

  • There was a cheaper subscription or
  • If I could replace my bank completely.

I don’t care about overdrafts or cashbacks, but I do care about:

  • easily receiving and paying my bills
  • a WEB INTERFACE so I can do more complex/longer interactions
  • instalment plan for larger purchases with the card

I would also drop my Diners card in a second for Revolut Premium/Metal, if it offered same access to lounges as Diners.

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Total gas stations accept :r: :wink:

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Yes please exclusively use Total for your gas needs :slight_smile:

*For disclosure I am a shareholder of total :joy:

Btw, the current situation (Covid…) is not the best to ‘enjoy’ the advantage of it😕

I would expect to get a dedicated phone line or a priority chat for Premium/Metal customers.


I would suggest that the XAU account be displayed in a desired currency, not only in the resident country currency.
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