How can we make Premium/Metal 10x better?

Do you mean like… for example, McDonald’s Logo being crowdsourced? Could you explain in a bit more detail; I don’t get it

1Password would be fantastic!

But yeah other subscription models would be sweet as long as its a full product subscription and not half baked…


Maybe Revolut can make 1% cashback for European users too !
Curve is doing it, why don’t Revolut do it ?

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Probably because the actually want to make money with their business at some point?

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Give a decent level of cashback at home and abroad on premium. I use my Amex reward credit card by default in order to earn rewards. If you aren’t competitive with rewards/cashback why would I use my Revolut card?


Have only one tier of paid subscription: Remove metal keep premium or vice versa. I think it’s too much choice to have different tiers, keep it simple and combine the two


Make for Revolut Premium a real ‘credit’ card without the dept.
So we can rent a car with the revolut card.
Also i can not pay for gas at a gas station without staff.
I need to have at least 200 euro on my account so i can make use of the gas station.
Because the terminal is taking an automatic deposit/reservation to see if there is credit to pay for the gas.

This makes the acceptance of Revolut much bigger!


RIB on pdf should be nice.


It would be nice to have a credit vault.
If I made a payment and I do not have enough money on my account, the credit vault is used so that my payment is not blocked.
Of course, if there are not enough money on my credit vault, the payment wil fail.
Credit vault should be managed like other vault.