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Hi, I have been logged out of my revolut account, but can’t get back in. The number I have for the account is an old Danish number, so the verification code is going to old number. Help please, I am in Paris and can’t access my money.

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Hey I am not sure if anyone will be reading this over the weekend :frowning:
@anon33247966 usually asnwers all week. Try twitter @RevolutApp

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Could you please drop me a direct message?

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Thanks for your help, I resolved this with a Revolut support person over the weekend!


I have some specific questions about ordering a revolut debit card. cant quite find where to direct my questions to… can some one point me in the right direction please.

I suggest messaging @AndreasK here on the community or contacting Revolut on Twitter (@RevolutApp) :slight_smile:

Hey @AndreasK …yet another suggestion to contact you. i’m still here with a couple of straight forward questions about getting a revolut card. there are a few unique aspects to my specific reality…but im sure there is a work around.

Sure - send me a direct message with your questions.

Hey @AndreasK …thanks for responding…
so i guess im dumb…but i cant for the life of me figure how to send a direct message… i hit envelope icon…cant find a way to generate new message…scrolled around looking… i am sure im missing something simple.
so maybe you could send me a one word private message and i could just reply to that. pardon my noobness.

Hey @buttcoins :slight_smile:

You were a new user at the time of writing that post. You should be able to send DMs now

hmmm… im still not seeing a way to DM. perhaps i could direct my question to you

so…@AndreasK i have been told that i am too new to the group to send DM’s.

well…i am not a scammer…i have just a couple straight forward questions that are specific to haveing a revolut debit card mailed to an address in the U.K.

good morning,
My bank asks me a fee to top up Revolut card because the IBAN of reference is not Italian but rather English. How can I avoid this cost? Do you have an Italian iban?

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Apologies for the long wait. I will do that for you.

Hi I’m a new user of your wonderful app.
I have a very important question.
I use
And before to oder you a card I would like to know the duration (how much time) does it takes for the transfert.
I mean, if the revolut card is the main card in my bitstamp account.
How much time does it take to get the money back on the revolut account?
Is it the same time than a normal credit card?
Is it the same for revolut business?
What are the daily withdrauwal limit cards revolut and revolut business?
What are the fee for both account?
is that possible to make a SEPA order from the revolut account?
I’m not sur to be in the right section so appologize, for mistaken.

Hi everyone,
Is that possible to set up direct debit with revolut bank account? If yes, how can we cancel it? I think you need to contact your Bank but as there is no way to contact Revolut it seems complicated…

Hi, I can’t activate my revolut card because the verification is frozen for two weeks. It says that I need additional documents. Would you please help me with this?

Hi, my revolut account is blocked due to security reasons. Can any of moderators send me a direct message . Thanks

Hello everybody, I’ve only a question: I need a proof of my residence for work and one of these prooves could be a utility bill or bank statement issued not more than 3 months ago. Is it possible to get this document here, with Revolut? What should I do to get such document?

Thanks everybody.