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Tap on any currency, top section on the main screen. Then statement. The PDF statements show your address.



Hi my account has been blocked and I need it unblocked before work I created this account because it would let me log in here I’ve go proof of everything and no one is getting back to me?



Hi, so I have been verified, and then I got unverified after 2 weeks or so? Now I want to link my card so does that mean I need to go through the verification process again?



Hello, it’s been 4 days now and SEPA transfer is still not showing up on my Revolut account. Support doesn’t seem to helpful, what’s my options here?

Transfer was made by an affiliate network which i received numerous payments from in the past and they all took not longer then 1 business day to arrive. Changed my payment details from to Revolut and payment went missing. wtf?



I transfer euro from my bank in Poland to my Revolut account in polish złoty. I made SEPA transfer to account in Revo which accept only Swift transfer. Money return to my bank or what?



Hi - a cant make a new post… so i write here.
Can i buy a new iphone via using a revolut virtual card?
My Currency -> $ -> payment
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OK. Probably a stupid question but after searching about, while I have seen some answers that I think are applicable I just want to check…

I work for a US company but reside in the U.K. each month my salary is transferred to my U.K. Bank account. It comes in in USD and my bank relive menof 8 Quid to receive it, and then convert it to GBP at a horrible rate.

I want my company to transfer to Revolute instead, so I benefit from a better rate. So, what’s the best way to do this? Revolute lets me have USD accounts etc so I’m not sure how to set the app up so that I minimise losses on the rate.

Apologies if this is obvious or has been asked before but like I said, I need to be 100% sure before paying a chunk of my salary in each month. I’d be using the card in the U.K. but also in other countries too, sometimes. Alternatively I may withdraw some of the money and pay it into my U.K. bank account (for DDs etc).





From the Accounts tab of the app, tap the settings icon in the top-right corner, then click the ‘Add Account’ button, and select USD.

When you have set up the USD account, you will see it in your list of currency accounts:

Tap your US Dollar acocunt, this will display the account details which you can provide to your employer for paying your salary.



Be aware that the USD account of Revolut also has a GB IBAN.
To transfer GBP to your other U.K. account it’s possible to make local transfers in GBP from Revolut.

Local US bank accounts are expected in early 2019
" Launch international markets :earth_americas:
It’s been a bureaucratic nightmare, but we are finally on track to launch our first international markets in early 2019. We’ll be launching in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Japan - and we have a bunch more planned for the future."



Thanks so much Paul. So given that I reside in the U.K. and spend my money here, the conversion to GBP is done whenever I make the purchase and should be at a better rate, yes?





Yes that’s correct, however before you spend money at weekends, it would be better for you to convert USD to GBP first. This is because a 0.5% markup fee applies to currency conversions made between 23:59 on Friday and 23:59 on Sunday (UTC).

See ‘What foreign exchange rate will I get?’ for further details on this.



Thanks for the tip. Better then, to just convert the lot to GBP on a weekday and be done with it?



The short answer is yes. But there is another thing to pay attention to:

If you convert a lot of money and are a free user pay attention to the monthly free “FX transactions” limit under “more” -> Profile -> price plan. Once you hit the limit every conversion above that will have an additional 0.5% markup.

The limit depends on your base currency
“£5,000 / €6,000 / 6,000CHF / 20,000PLN / 40,000DKK / 50,000NOK / 50,000SEK / 20,000RON / 120,000CZK or the equivalent thereof in other currencies”



Regardless, thanks so much for your help - Looks like this is going to help me save some £££ so I owe you a beer or two…



Ha! Well, sadly, I won’t be hitting that limit any time soon….




I have a question regarding new IBAN accounts that we are receiving emails for. As I was explained in chat support, those are personal IBAN accounts registered on users name and have to be reported to the local tax office as a new international IBAN account (under EU). I do not understand how Revolut can just open new accounts under you name with no consent from the user, no option for choosing if you even want that or not. Revolut is just opening this accounts, you do not see any relevant information about this account, you do not have any say in it. You are NOT notified that a new personal IBAN has been opened under your name (just that you have new info for transfers), you do not know when the account was opened and who opened it (this information is relevant for reporting the account to your tax office). This is really bad user experience and you can even get a big fine in case you do not report the new IBAN account opened under your name!
How is this possible and why is Revolut doing this?



Hello Everyone, I have an account in USD at Revolut, and I want my company, whose bank is based in Dubai, to pay my salary (in USD) in this account.

I gave them my IBAN and BIC and they tried to do an international transfer but they could not achieve it. They told me that creating me as a beneficiary with the bank information provided was not possible without the sort code/routing number. They tried several times and this routing number is always asked.

Could please someone help me ?

Thanks a lot!



Can or has anyone successfully used their card online with China?



Hello there :smiley:

What is your fee for receiving wire transfers (both international/domestic):

I need to send a wire from the United States to:

Revolut Bank
International Payments: " USA "
Account Name = UK PEPTIDES
IBAN: GB11 REVO 0099 6999 8136 38
Swift Code: REVOGB2L

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Hi did you get any response to your question?
I am traveling to China and HK and need to know if the R Visa free card is accepted everywhere in these two countries. Anyone please ??