Getting Logged Out Soon

Hello guys, when I use the web app to interact with support, I get logged out, presumably for inactivity soon after, despite still interacting with the webpage, or even in the middle of writing a sentence. This repeats all over, sometimes very quickly, even just after a minute.

This portrays just a fraction of all the logins I had to endure.

Sometimes I used email login, sometimes I used phone, but it’s very frustrating as I have to log in to the phone to confirm it, or sing in to the email. I think you can imagine.

I used incognito window, I also used different browser, all the same.


@ackvf Hello, Welcome to the community. :heart_eyes:

I understand how frustrating this must be. :frowning_face: Could you please contact us through our Social Media channels? This will help us solve the issue individually. :pray:

Meanwhile there are a few things you might wanna try :

  1. Clear your browsers cache and cookies
  2. Disable any extensions you have installed

Hope this helps. :blush:

Veda | Community Team

Hi, thank you for the link, I will try it through Social Media channels.

As for your other suggestion, I have tried using different browsers and incognito window without any extensions, etc. Nothing helped.

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@ackvf, I am sorry to hear that the suggestions didnot work. Kindly contact us through social media so that we can help you further. :pray:

SG | Community Team