Feedback on technological advancements

Well, I kept my old mobile phone in case my new one stopped working.
My old mobile was built in 2017, only five years ago. So when the emergency that I had anticipated happened, it was astonishing to find out that your software is not backward compatible with Galaxy A5.
This feels like planned obsolescence. I had to put the SIM back into the other phone again to be able to send someone money.
Then I saw a comment here that said something like: 2017 phone is too old, just buy a new phone.
The computing power in this “old” mobile phone is comparable to early supercomputers of the 80s for god’s sake.
I am still a software engineer, at least for another three years when I will reach retirement age.
I don’t see your application needing a fast processor, since my Barclays bank app works perfectly fine on Galaxy A5 and besides this whole trend of turning applications to mobile phones only is totally unnecessary. Fancy graphics are really not necessary for online banking. So why does the application require a newer mobile seems not just unnecessary but an unreasonable imposition. On top of that the throwaway comments about just buying a new phone are illustrations of the increasing ignorance of users who don’t see where they are being led.
I have given up on counting the number of cons created by mobile phones and big tech companies with the help of banks, to imprison and exploit users.

Technology is being abused. The engineers came up with these solutions to simplify life but all these cons have defeated the whole purpose of innovation and have actually made life more difficult in pursuit of profit and power causing mental health crises along the way.
As Heidegger put it even the term human resources department is indicative of how everything is looked at in terms of resources rather than what they were originally.

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@2Jakes I share your frustration with the push for constant upgrades and planned obsolescence in technology. Your insights on this matter are thought-provoking and thank you for sharing this with us. :star2:

Veda | Community Team