Fee for receiving USD?

I’m a UK account holder with a GBP and USD savings vault and USD account.

I’m going to be receiving USD on a monthly basis and not sure if to provide them with the ACH or swift. I assume I need to check with the payer first (UK based company) where they’ll be sending the USD from.

If I provide them with my ACH and account number will I be charged for receiving USD? Swift takes longer I believe. Guess it all depends on how and from where they are sending the USD from doesn’t it?

I see Wise have now introduced receiving fees which is a bit disappointing.



I try again to explain the situation from a different angle:

ACH are always domestic transfers. When the payer does not have a bank account in the US, they might feel inclined to use a service like Wise to facilitate the transfer. On average, ACH transfers take 1 to 3 days to clear.

SWIFT transfers use the SWIFT network, a messaging system. It would be a little odd, but this could be used for both domestic and international transfers. They take usually 1 to 4 days. Intermediary fees might occur.

Here’s where I can not hint you in any direction: ACH bank details are not available for Revolut customers in the EEA. But if Revolut charges you for incoming ACH transfers, it should be mentioned in their price list, no? The support chat should be able to give you reliable information about this.



I’ll see what the company plan to do. I do believe they have used wise and revolut to pay out Euros to some clients and USD for some services like Azure.

Awaiting for their input.
If in doubt we can try ACH (I do have ACH for my UK user USD pot), and then swift the next month to see which works out best.

I’ll keep this thread informed

Here‘s the problem: whichever details you provide to the payer might influence their decision about how to make the payment. I would just tell them that you could provide both. It also shouldn’t be too difficult to switch after the first month, no?

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Very true - they may well choose the one beneficial to them but not me, If their USD is originating from a domestic USD account then I believe the ACH would be better for me. They do have an office in the US so really don’t know yet how they will choose to pay me. They will let me know soon.

Yes I don’t foresee any issues to change after a month.

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For future reference, I would like to add that the information provided in Revolut’s Help Centre for UK customers regarding local USD bank accounts seem outdated and not correct.

Maybe something @Mariana_Rodrigues could look into? :v:


We do see ACH in the UK for receiving payments. I can see mine along with the other details within the app to receive US payments.

Account number
Wire number
ACH number

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That’s why I think the official UK FAQ page for local account details should reflect this.

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Hello everyone :wave:,

The fee is applicable for non-US users only. You will be able to receive domestic wire transfers through your local US account. A flat fee of 8 GBP/10 CHF/10 USD will be applied to each inbound wire transfer which will be covered by the recipients. Hope this helps. :pray:

Thank you for highlighting the FAQ @Frank. We’re looking into this. :star:

SG | Community Team

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Sorry for the dumb question but what is considered a domestic wire transfer?
Is swift not considered a ‘wire’ transfer? The word ‘wire’ always makes me think of old terminology.
International swift transfer or international ACH transfer?

Last year I made a few back and forth USD transfers between Wise and Revolut UK account USD pot.
Was only charged a 0.39 USD using ACH by Wise to send 1000 USD to Revolut.
Sent from Revolut to Wise, no charge.


Domestic is same country.

sorry should have been more specific - I was referring to ‘wire’. Is Swift considered a ‘wire’ transfer or only the when using the Wire routing number as opposed to the ACH number?


I assume this answers my own question:
ACH is not a wire transfer

Wire transfer vs. ACH: What’s the difference?
ACH transfers are transfers from bank to bank, whereas you can use a bank or a nonbank provider for wire transfers. Also, ACH transfers can take days, while domestic wire transfers may be completed in hours.

ACH transfers are also cheaper than domestic wire transfers. They’re generally either free or cost just a few dollars, whereas domestic wire transfers typically cost about $25 to send.

This is indeed tricky. Most US banks would differentiate between ACH and wire transfer. ACH is traditionally cheaper, and wire transfers don‘t rely on the ACH clearing infrastructure and are usually more expensive. But many consumers might refer to anything that‘s a bank transfer as a wire transfer. I’ve heard people talking about wire transfers when referring to Zelle transactions. And yes, banks might refer to a SWIFT transfer as an international wire transfer vs. domestic, which wouldn‘t use the SWIFT network.

ACH routing and wire routing numbers are often identical, so even when you‘re providing „ACH“ and „account no“ to someone, the transfer could be facilitated as ACH or wire transfer.

Wise for example charges for incoming wire transfers but not for incoming ACH transfers. For Revolut, this could be what they’re saying, but since they’re not mentioning ACH: who knows!

Fun fact: the reason why this is so complicated in the US compared to the UK and Europe is certainly one of the reasons why Zelle and Venmo are as successful as they are.

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Just looked at my account and they are not the same.
Good points raised thanks - this is why its never clear to me when wire transfer is mentioned. Always used iban and swift before.

Wise charge the 4.14 USD to receive wire transfers now but not from ach transfers. So I assume a Swift transfer will add that fee and is classified as a wire transfer.

Shame there is no faster payment system for USD yet.

There sort of is, it’s called Zelle. It’s operated and owned by the largest banks to pay bills and make cost effective bank transfers. It’s integrated in banking apps and online banking websites of participating banks, so one does not need an extra app like Venmo.