Deliver WOW: Connecting you with our specialised support teams

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At Revolut Support, we’re always busy behind the scenes improving the customer service we provide and wanted to share some of the things we’ve been up to.

Never Settling with a fresh, specialised approach​

We aim to Deliver WOW, which means making sure we offer the best help with quick answers and no fuss, creating all-around great customer experiences.

So, we’ve been asking ourselves how we can build a team that provides the right support, the first time. As we sought out customer support strategies that would work better for you, the answer was simple. To continue serving you best, we needed more than one team.

Why a specialised support model works so well

With 20M+ customers across our growing selection of products, 200+ countries and regions, and 17 languages, customer needs aren’t one-size-fits-all. Our team shouldn’t be either.

Up until now, all our support agents were trained to support all of our products. But, to deliver a consistent, personal, and responsive experience as our number of products continue to grow, it was time to take it a step further.

So we kicked off our mission to create a fully specialised support model. Our aim was simple – to allow our customers to easily and quickly get help from specialised agents. With knowledge specific to their focus area, these agents can give you even more targeted information, streamlining your experience.

What specialised teams mean for you

When you have a question for us, you want to speak to someone with the right information at their fingertips. Our teams are still available in-app 24/7, 365 days a year. But with the new approach, our structure is more focused.

Whenever you need to get in touch with our specialised support, visit the Revolut app > select your Profile icon > Help > Select a topic (your reason for contact) > Chat with us > offer a few details about your question in the chat.

Try to be as clear as possible with your question, so our chatbot Rita can find your answers. If Rita can’t help directly, the information you provide allows her to connect you to a team member with the expertise.

Our Revolut Support services now offer 12 specialised teams who are experts in their topic. From savings to transfers, we have a specialised team on-hand to support our customers when they need it.

This system helps us resolve your question without passing you to other teams, so we can avoid wasting valuable time and boost your experience.

But how do we know we’re getting it right? We actively monitor the ratings our customers give each of our specialised support teams and assess any comments they have to make sure we continue to Deliver WOW.

Since moving to specialised queues, we’ve seen improvements in both our customer satisfaction rating and the time it takes to resolve any issues. . We’re always looking for ways to help you better, and this approach is doing just that.

Want to help us amplify our services? We love feedback :heart:

At Revolut, we’re all ears. We believe there’s always room for improvement. So, if you have any further suggestions or feedback on the new specialised support experience, please share them with us below :point_down: .


Thank you Revolut for being available 24/7 :pray:

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Hi @aniitarodrigues ! Welcome to our Community, and thank you for your feedback :rocket:

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maybe pin this so that it is easy to locate on the community site?
So many questions arise on here that could be simply directed to this post…


Hi @Graham_Lees ! Thank you so much for your suggestion :pray: .

We have pinned this topic, so that is easily located.

Do not hesitate to let us know how we can help you further :rocket: .

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Hello, I can’t log in or sign up to the app so can’t get through to the chat, I had an account before and trying to log back in or at least create a new account. Are you able to help? :slight_smile:

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Hi @iristolkovsky ! Welcome to our Community :r:

Sorry to hear about your issues, let’s take a look into that. I will drop you a DM shortly.

See you there :rocket:


A month ago I invited a friend to join Revolut. She joined using my “invite reference” but, I am STILL WAITING for the EUR50 reword! Why? Is this one of the gimmicks? If I do not receive at least an explanation I will stop using Revolut and delete this service.

@Alfred.31AUG1953 this thread is about Revolut’s new way of getting into contact with dedicated members of customer support.

Head over to your app, open your profile, tap “Help” and scroll down to “New Chat”. The app then asks you about the topic of your support request. The very first topic on that list of suggested topics is:

  • I need help with Referrals: Revolut reveferral program and other promotional campaigns

This should be the most convenient and fastest option for you to get help.

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Hi, I do not want to chat with a “chatbot” (robot" but want replies/answers from a human being, please! Thank you

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Live agents are available there as well after Rita, the bot, wasn’t able to solve your problem.

I messed up the company registration information and now I can’t change.
They are telling me to contact support but I don’t have an account, so i can’t log in the app
How do i Do this

Hi @Alfred.31AUG1953 !

Sorry to hear about your trouble with our referral program. Sometimes the reward is not added to your account because some of the conditions might be missing. The conditions for the referral reward are visible in your app during the timeframe of the campaign, but you can also check them out here What are the conditions for the Referral Campaign? | Revolut Help Centre | Revolut.

If you are still unsure on why your reward was not provided, please feel free to reach out to us!

Mariana I Revolut Team

Thank you so much for your help @Frank :rocket:

If you still need further guidance after checking out the link provided, please follow @Frank 's advise on reaching out to our support team @Alfred.31AUG1953 :pray:

Hi there @leeeito !

Sorry to hear about that. Could you please open an anonymous chat session with our support team by going to Sign up for Revolut Business?

Let us know if you would face any trouble with this flow, we are here to help.

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can’t find the anonymous chat session with support team

Dear Mariana, what an excelent explanation! I love Revolut and the support that this online bank is able to give to the costumers.
I’m very happy with the service. Keep on going! :blush:


Hi @RaquelPiano and welcome to our Community :r:

We hope you enjoy things around here, and thank you so much for your kind feedback :heart: