Deliver WOW: Connecting you with our specialised support teams

Hi :blush:

What’s spurred all the change lately? It’s exciting. Being an avid fan of the brand.

Is there some exclusive need upcoming :eyes:

Bank licence? New app design? More products available for the UK? :pray:

In terms of growth, 20m customers is quite some challenge.

How many of those specifically live in the UK?

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Hi @Carl_1460 :wave:

We are happy to hear you are excited with our updates. We will be sure to share with you any future change :rocket:

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It’s nice to try to improve but unfortunately support is still quite useless. Not the fault of the operators I guess they do their best. But relying on support when you have critical issue is still a waste of time, they will tell you to wait when you cannot and you need urgently a solution. It doesn’t seem new system is more efficient for technical issues.

I got redirected to an operator that had to forward it to an other team and was purposing nothing outside wait for an answer that would be useless. 2 hours of waste to finally have to find the solution myself because otherwise I would probably still waiting.

Even on technical informations operators are not able to answer.

Spaming customers with “sponsor your friends” is nice but how can I convince them if each time they hear about revolut is because I need them to lend me money because revolut messed up…

Even me I start to wonder why did I chose to receive my next wage on Revolut. Truth is it’s a mistake since I know at first issue Revolut will just tell me to wait…

Don’t get me wrong I like the product but it would be good if I would not be knowing that I will just waste my time with useless support each time I get a critical issue.

Revolut seems to forget that money is linked to vital needs and you cannot just wait sometimes because it’s urgent. I guess it should just remain a travel account until support is able to be efficient. Not blaming operators product is complex and they probably follow the non convinient procedures.


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It would be great to see a phone number added to be able to speak with a Support Agent over the phone as sometimes its better to speak with a human person then text for problems/questions. :smiley:


I won’t lie, I really feel like for a year or so, customer chat service has been deteriorating at the speed of light.

I have to explain my problem 3 times, people give me copy-paste answers that don’t apply to my issues, and I almost never get anything fixed via the help chat. It makes me worry if a larger trouble happens and I need to rely on the agents’ technical skills.