Cryptocurrency wallet

Hi! Regrading the development and the idea of a crypto wallet…for starters you can just use open source APIs and integrate some of the existing wallets on the market (Trust, Coinbase, etc.)
I would also love to see at least top 50 cryptos being available to trade (Vechain, Chainlink…)


Hi , why we don’t create Revolut crypto and our wallets and all person Revolut community can give us help we build this project fast and Revolut bank has his currency and his wallet for trad is simple and I’m voluntary :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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It would be great if we could actually pay with Ethereum or other crypto instead or other fiat currencies ! : ) - to compete with Binance, and other crypto exchanges that offer similar services : )

Thanks !

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Not having a bitcoin wallet on the platform itself that could receive/send bitcoins and sell/exchange for fiat currency is greatly limiting my experience with the Revolut. Hope they add this functionality soon.

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it’s on the way, they are recruiting people to build it in house, i saw job offer on linkedin, its will be available soon, they also will be partnering with celsius networking to offer interest in crypto

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Hi there, do you know about any progress in terms of crypto wallet? Thnx


Maybe, we don’t need a crypro wallet just the interest that the proof of stake should bring…

any idea when we will receive the Songbird and Flare airdrops from our XRP holdings??

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yes still waiting for the flare after almost 1 year

Will Revolut create a currency coin itself?
Might be advantage to Revolut on the fintech / travel money.

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I’m buying!!!
That’s a brilliant idea. Also :r: could add some of their own crypto to the brave members of the :r: Community… Just Saying!!!

Really is this true? I’ve been waiting 2 years and ‘robin hood’ were thinking about this, this year and have done it already.

Please introduce limit orders. That feature will increase crypto fees for :r: as more will give it a try.

come on Revolut, need to do it.
Can see on Money saving expert forum that another fintech is doing it. Seems like giving £10 to test the wallet / coin

From yesterday’s update:

Just to recap the points in our original blog post:

The number of Spark tokens for each customer that holds XRP at the snapshot time will be calculated as:

Number of Spark tokens for User X = (Number of XRP tokens held by user X at snapshot / Total XRP held by Revolut at Snapshot) * Total Spark tokens received by Revolut during the Airdrop

Would love to see that as well!