CRYPTO for everyone! 🎉


Over the next few weeks, we’ll be unlocking #Cryptocurrencies for everyone! Secure your place now! :running_man:t2:



Can’t “sign up” Don’t get any notification when I tap the Cryptocurrencies button. Only get this pic


update to the
latest version first!


Comms update: some push notifications confirming your place in the queue may be delayed in arriving, but be assured that you will be added to the queue as soon as you tap on the cryptocurrencies button!


Already did, but thanks anyway😀


Any way to get the place in the queue? (asking for a relative, I have premium :sunglasses:)


I had initially posted this to LinkedIn, replying the post Revolut had shared announcing this same news on that platform. I do apologise for the spam however I am genuinely curious and I do feel like it is an important issue which needs to be addressed;

"Always great to see Crypto being increasingly exposed to the general public and being made more accessible.
It is important to keep in mind that until you allow for movement of currency in and out of the wallets, it is essentially gambling on the price-movement of an asset you cannot use.

My main question would be this; is BTC, LTC, etc. actually being purchased as part of the transaction or are Revolut simply pegging a Fiat deposit to an external exchange rate and enabling a re-conversion to Fiat at a later date?

If Revolut are not actually acquiring any BTC, LTC, etc in all of this it has the potential to create significant liquidity issues for Rev in the event of a dramatic increase in value of any of the cryptocurrencies in question."


Not only, because you can pay with your card using your crypto wallet :slight_smile:


I have my doubts about this. The release statement says that “You can also transfer cryptocurrency to other Revolut users for free or even pay for your morning latte in Bitcoin!” but also states that “Unfortunately, at this stage, we cannot allow transfers to external wallets”.

In order to pay in BTC, the BTC has to be transfered to an external wallet.

I do not believe that at present, one could pay for their morning latte at all.


You can actually pay using your crypto. Your cryptocurrency will be exchanged automatically to fiat currency if you desire.


Just checking does that mean I would be able to buy crypto from within the app and then store it there safely till I felt I wanted to convert the crypto to US Dollars, GBP etc… when the time was right for me?


At the moment you can buy, sell & transfer within Revolut!



Still waiting… Don’t get any notification (iOS version 4.12)


Same for me, but I guess not having access to buy has saved me money as bitcoin prices tumble :joy:


Have been tapping the crypto currency button each day since the announcement. Today I got the notification when I tapped. So don’t think I was signed up for it before today @AndreasK​:grinning::thinking:


Do you think about internal wallet to?


People need to understand that if they buy “bitcoin” using Revolut, they don’t own any bitcoin, they can’t use that so-called bitcoin to pay for anything, they can’t send it to an external bitcoin address to make a payment, and they can’t sell the bitcoin to anyone. All they can do is sell it back to Revolut at whatever current rate Revolut set.


Hello Revolut Team!
[Bitcoin Ban Expands Across Credit Cards as Big U.S. Banks Recoil](Bitcoin Ban Expands Across Credit Cards as Big U.S. Banks Recoil

What is your opinion on this? Will you continue offering cryptocurrencies?


You can actually pay using your crypto. Your cryptocurrency will be exchanged automatically to fiat currency if you desire. Quote @AndreasK earlier in this thread.