CRYPTO for everyone! 🎉


Correct me if I’m wrong but Revolut is providing a derivative market based upon a crypto price feed, so you are not buying or selling any real crypto currencies. Perhaps Revolut will be hedging with real bitcoins etc but the fact of the matter is that you as the end user are not trading bitcoins but derivatives. Therefore you cannot pay for a latte with crypto on Revolut, but you can pay with the proceeds of a derivative once it has been converted to fiat currency.

Please can you confirm or reject this statement @AndreasK


Just to clarify, it’s real crypto - we hold 100% reserves, we buy on your behalf from our exchange partners and your crypto exposure is stored on our internal ledger, where you can manage your crypto within the app.

You cannot spend cryptocurrency exposure directly on your Revolut card at this time. However, cryptocurrency will be exchanged automatically to fiat currency if you desire.


Hi, is there a plan to add the possibility to send crypto to a personal revolut wallet? And if yes, when aproxymately?

When i saw crypto support I thought this functionality was already existing…


We’re looking into the possibility, as soon as we’ve got something to share, we’ll make sure everyone knows about it!

What I can tell for sure is that the team is working on adding XRP ripple :slight_smile:


@AndreasK Are they working on adding any other crypto?

  • Monero/XMR
  • Stellar/XLM


I would like to get mine unlocked please.
Many thanks.


I have the last version of the application, tapped the crypto button the first day of announcement and nearly everyday since …no countdown or any push that I am registered…this takes me just back to invite me to get premium or invite new friends…


Think it’s the same for all of us waiting, it’s a bit confusing to people so there really should be some confirmation in app about this queue.


I just received the message thet the crypto is unlocked for me.
So it seems it starts.


:tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada:


i also get message, unlocked!:tada:


@diak @Shadar When did you do the request? (taped the crypto button)

Asking for a friend, he tapped around 2 hours after the announcement, he’s looking forward to get this.


Weekly ago, if i not wrong.


sometime in the first hour after the announcement.


Thanks for the answers guys, my friend got it enabled :wink:


This is fantastic news and I’m sure your customer numbers will increase. I’ve got my family and friends to use your service. Most are on the standard accounts waiting for crypto’s to be unlocked. But my friends on the premium services will love this news of XRP being added. Great move.


Can you transfer cryptocurrency from external wallets into your revolut wallet?


@Grantero No you can’t, at this time.

What you can do:

  • buy/sell crypto
  • send/receive crypto to another Revolut account
  • use your crypto funds to pay with your :r: debit card.



Could you tell me which exchange Revolut uses for crypto.