Contactless Logo on front of Premium Cards

So many tellers in shops take the premium card and don’t notice the contactless logo on the back so just insert it in the card machine, I know it’s only a small thing but almost everywhere in Ireland accepts contactless and its just so much handier than putting that pin in everytime when it’s a small payment. Surely others agree, or if there’s a reason why this can’t be done lemme know.


Just an observation but I have never handed over my card for a contactless payment, I always tap it myself.


Exactly, never hand over your card as a general rule, ask them to present the terminal to you.
If you don’t want to do that, you’ll have to live with tellers doing whatever you want with your card, from inserting it instead of tapping, tapping your card with an amount you haven’t authorized because you didn’t see what the terminal shows, up to the usual old card number theft/cloning.

…my 0.02EUR on that topic at least


A lot of bars, pubs, small shops and newsagents don’t have the terminal right up front beside you

Yeah like I get that, but every other card out there has the contactless logo on the front and what if I’m willing to take the risk, like I don’t use my card in shady places, it’s just a request out of user convenience… I’m sure I’m not the only other person out if millions to think this?

Im only guessing but im pretty sure is just for aesthetics, as having more stuff on the card’s front make the card feel less premium.


Why don’t you ask if they take contactless before you hand over the card?

So if it’s Gpay do you hand over your phone?


Yes, tell them it’s 2018 and they are doing it wrong. They should bring the terminal to you, this is soooo 1990ies :wink:

(This sounds funny but that’s how you should do it, indeed, like @badskittler mentioned, what do they do if you want to pay with your phone? with a payment wristband or payment ring? or maybe with a toilet brush with a payment tag glued to it?)


I don’t use Google pay, I carry my contactless cards all the time

Alright everyone, I love how this is getting turned on me as if I’m conducting myself with my revolut card incorrectly… I use my card as I wish and don’t tell others how to do their own thing. Before anyone else replies with a comment suggesting I’m in the wrong, it was only suggestion and I asked if there was a reason why, and so far @Castle has been on the only one to answer my question so thank you, and goodnight

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We’re just trying to educate about the progress in card payments, if you want to stay with your conservative habits, you’re of course free to do so, just sad to hear about this.



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I’ve had this problem too a couple of times, but I just told the cashier that it has contactless before they would insert it for a chip&pin transaction :slight_smile:

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This thread although old is pretty disappointing.

You guys should be at least attempting to answer this question in good faith.

I’m pretty sure it’s to make the card look prettier though to be honest @OP

In some countries like Brazil, merchants totally ignore contactless symbols and insert the card into the card terminal, despite most card terminals supporting contactless.

As a greater proportion of contactless payments are now carried out with smartphones or smartwatches, most merchants present the terminal to the customer rather than the customer presenting the card to the merchant. Many pubs and bars in the UK, for example, have card terminals fixed to the bar in order to speed up the payment process and to move on to other customers as quickly as possible.

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merchants totally ignore contactless symbols and insert the card into the card terminal[/quote]

If they do that becouse it costs them less money for bank fees that way, I can understand that. But if they are just stuborn, careless to learn new things, then thats just sad.

Hello, I ordered the card machine for my work (well, I didn’t but I was there when it happened and I know a lot about the plans I think)

The last 3 card machines we’ve had make no distinction between face to face transactions with card.

Contactless is a risk taken by the bank as far as I’m aware and as such the card processors will look towards the bank for that, not the merchant for accepting it. This applies to both Apple/Google Pay and contactless by card.

However when you take a card payment over the phone or online they’ll normally charge you higher fees if you don’t ensure a matching post code and house number for the cards registered address.

It’s nothing about transaction fees. Until around 5 years ago, Visa and MasterCard often applied lower interchange fees for contactless than for chip & PIN in order to encourage its use. In Brazil, it’s caused by merchant ignorance.

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Which is much more risky as it allows for DCC. Friend of mine got caught in DCC several times in Brazil as a sales clerk inserted the card regardless of being told the this is contactless and the card he had paid did not have instant announcements in the app (wasn’t Revolut). He only found out after he’d came home that some merchants confirmed DCC without his consent. That should not be possible while paying with contactless or Apple/Google Pay.

DCC is still possible if you pay by contactless and PIN