Contacting Revolut


If anyone knows how to contact Revolut when their chat line / Rita seems to be offline (for last few days), I be grateful. Even tried to call their office, but was told the company had moved.


please try to type live agent. If doesn’t work please to type resolved, then live agent ones again.
At any time you can contact them via Twitter too.


Yes, it’s a joke. I made a transfer at 8am this morning and the app is telling me it should be expected to be complete by the 21st of august. 4 Days with no access to that money!

When trying to reach them on chat i’m told it may take up to 2 hours to get through to an agent. I can get hold of any high street bank on the phone within 10-15 minutes max. This is terrible.


I have no problems with the chat but you could also try to contact the via Twitter