Contacting Revolut

If anyone knows how to contact Revolut when their chat line / Rita seems to be offline (for last few days), I be grateful. Even tried to call their office, but was told the company had moved.

please try to type live agent. If doesn’t work please to type resolved, then live agent ones again.
At any time you can contact them via Twitter too.

Yes, it’s a joke. I made a transfer at 8am this morning and the app is telling me it should be expected to be complete by the 21st of august. 4 Days with no access to that money!

When trying to reach them on chat i’m told it may take up to 2 hours to get through to an agent. I can get hold of any high street bank on the phone within 10-15 minutes max. This is terrible.

I have no problems with the chat but you could also try to contact the via Twitter

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I have not been able to use chat bot for a month. Typing “live agent” does not result in anything. Can’t start new chat. Please help me resolve this ASAP.

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File a complaint through their Complaint Form

Hey there,

I recently changed my mobile phone and I am trying to log into the App. However, the telephone number that I had when I created the account is no longer in use. Also, I have forgotten my passcode, therefore I cannot log into the account. I have been trying to contact Revolut, however the contact number provided in the webside has been useless so far. Could anyone help me to sort out my problem??

Many thanks

I have a real porblem in that my phone crashed and I have restored it, but I cannot get the app to accept my password or pin, and it wont reset. I cannot find anyone to contact. HELP!!!

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Try contacting them via Facebook / Twitter.

Can anyone inform me why I did not get an email confirming that I had joined a Metal plan costing €13.99 per month , I am eighty two year old lady who occasionally uses Revolut to send cash to my Grandchildren and Did not check transactions on euro account .
Revolut charged me € 27.98 to terminate yearly contract having already paid six months subscription . As I was unaware or having this contract I never used it and got no benefits.
I feel this is very sharp practice my Revolut as one can easily enrol in error. Enrolment should be confirmed in writing.
I therefore should have my money refunded or Revolut shall lose a lot in goodwill.

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Its very unstable. I learn that you have to finish some chat before being able to start a new chat. The continue dont work so well for me.

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So my account is blocked i’d like to ask where are my money seems i talked already with an operator and he told me that my refound was active, but it was a lie and no one give me back my money.
So what i have to do know?
Do i have to contact my lawyer to get back to you?
Please i need answers ASAP or i will go legally
i will wait for some answers inside my mail which is
King regards


@barra80, you need to contact them on social media if you can’t access in-app chat. This is just a user forum, not :r: support.

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I had same issue … after many attempts - the facebook messenger support worked and helped me solve it.

but only one out of 5 times they respond

How did you contact them using messenger support? I tried to write to revoluts facebook page, but I got an automated reply that they don’t do support there. I tried to write to them using the in app chat, but no one is responding for the last week. Is there any other way to contact revolut?

Have you tried this?

Ok - wow - Customer Service with Revolut is a total disaster and utter disappointment. Just go to “Hello” in the App? Well, sorry but this option does not exist. Where do I go now?

Can I put a limit on a Disposable Virtual Card? YES or NO? If YES, how?


No, you can not set a limit for disposable cards.

I would like to ask a question but I can only reply to existing ones? So as this thread is about contacting Customer Service I’m trying here…
Can I set up a virtual card for each of the 3 currencies I have accounts for?

You don’t have to. Cards aren’t allocated to currencies.