CHF transfers

I sent 4000 the other day with no charge to my UBS account

Itβ€˜s getting pretty strange now. Sometimes there are fees and sometimes not, even to the same bank (UBS in this case). And the higher amount is free while a small amount is not? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Sorry for asking here but im not able yet to create a new post. And in the end its also about transferring money back in CHF.

I was eating in a restaurant in the US May 15th and the charged my credit card 2 times. Once before taxed (USD 681.98) and once after (USD 800.00). So the 681.98 should be cancelled / refund bit its still not on my card. I read about in the FAQ and they said it should be back automatiquely after 15 days but its still not after a month now. I contacted the restaraunt and they said, they only charged the USD 800.00.

What can I do ?

Thank you and best regards

It would be really appreciated if Revolut could post a statement about this @AndreasK

Have you already contacted the Revolut support?