CHF transfers


Did recently somebody tried a CHF transfer to a CHF bank account? How high were the fees?

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It depends on the fees applied by your bank for transfers, we don’t have an answer.
FYI There is a local CHF IBAN now


I know that there is local IBAN for topping-up. But is there a local IBAN for sending funds (on Revolut’s side)?




I’ve done it (CHF sent from Revolut to CHF account in Polish bank)- without any fee.


I have asked support about it this week and the answer was:

  • All transfers in CHF to Swiss bank accounts will be send by Revolut as “SWIFT SHA” (shared costs). Meaning, there might be a fee taken from the transferred amount by an intermediary bank.

So I stopped using Revolut for transfers until there is a better solution in place.


Do you know since when they’re doing this?


My last feeless transfer was the 22.03. The next transfer on the 26.03 was charged CHF 12.-


Can I ask which bank you’re using?


Those transactions were done from :r: to Cler via CS. It was CS who charged CHF 12.-


Who confirmed the path the money took? Up till nowi never for any decent information from Revolut not the recipient bank which intermediate banks were involved.


It was Cler that gave me the information… They were very helpful… They even took the time to compare several transactions to see what changed…


I just sent CHF 50.- from Rev (CHF account) to Raiffeisen CH
(CHF-account), no fee at all… (14may2019, using “normal transfer”)


Hi siri,
That is great! Do you have some more details about the transfer? It would be interresting to know if :r: changed the way they handle swiss payments again… like the fees OUR instead of SHA or if the payments are now local or still SWIFT…


I asked support yesterday; they said payments are sent by CS (not intermediary bank)


Ok, that would be great news… Can someone confirm this? @siri can you confirm that your transfer was SIX and not SWIFT?


That was yesterday, I haven’t tested it yet…


Great… I will try it later… and I will let you know about the result… Keep your fingers crossed :wink:


Actually, before sending money I wanted to be sure that the information is correct, so I contacted the support. First they said as well that the payment is local, when I asked to confirm that there are no fees whatsoever I was told that since it is Switzerland, the transfer is SWIFT and fees may be applied… So I wait to test it until I get confirmation that it is really local…


it’s really sad we can’t even trust the support on this :expressionless:

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