Hey there, personal update:
REVOLUT card matched with IO app with no problem.
Used it in both way, physically inserted into a pos (PIN required) and contactless (not by the APP like Apple Pay or Smasung Pay but physically waved over the POS); after 4 working days both of them apperead on IO app approved for the cashback.

Carta associata senza problemi all’app IO.
utilizzata sia inserita nel POS che contactless fisicamente e operazioni apparse, dopo circa 4 giorni, nell’app. direi tutto OK, NON utilizzare app tipo apple pay o samsung pay perchè non ancora supportate.

Hi, I did reply to your previous message but for some reason the mods did not let it through. Anyway, you are right, avoid Apple Pay etc. and the transaction should be registered for cashback.

Got the very same issue. Did you come up with something to solve it?

Same here, please any help?

Hi, i’m new in revolut.
On 26/04 and 27/04 I have payed with my new card in a shop.
But from this date, noone transaction appears on Io app.
Every toggle is turned on… I don’t understand why it doesn’t work. Is someone in the same situation?

I also have a bancomat and with this I don’t have problems.

Thanks to all