yes, you should use the credit card and not your phone with gpay or apple pay

Just read the FAQ on the IO site. :slight_smile:

it seems that using app pay or google pay won’t work swipe ur cards!!!

I also don’t see any of the transactions I made since I activated my revolut card on IO app. I have 2 wallets set in Revolut, one in € and the other in £. The payments I made were taken from my GBP wallet as I ran out of euros. Could this be the reason why they are not showing up in IO app?

Hi all,
I’ve payed 9 days ago in a nh hotel in Italy, with physical revolut card and still no transaction registered on io app.
I also checked and toggles are turned on.
I can see the transaction on revolut app.
Did someone experienced the same problem?

Ciao a tutti, ho fatto un pagamento con carta Revolut il giorno 24 dicembre e ad oggi 30 dicembre il bonus è stato scaricato sull’app di IO. Quindi confermo che la carta Revolut funziona correttamente con il cashback di stato!

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Ciao, ma quindi è confermato che i pagamenti con Revolut per essere validi per il cashback di stato possono essere fatti solo con carta fisica?

I added the Revolut card to the app IO, and it works fine :sunny: . Sometimes, expecially after weekends it needs some time to register the transaction, but at the end it does. If it does not appear is because maybe the store is not part of the programm.

Have you paid with card or with Google pay?

I never tried with Google pay, but I will soon.

Hi, is now possible to make payments with revolut contactless? This kind of payment is ok to have italian ‘cashback di stato’? Payments made in dicember was invalid. Thanks.

Hi, my card appears in the app, I didn’t use it in December but made a payment today so it should show up by the end of the week. You say the payments made in December were “invalid”, not sure what you mean. Does the card appear as a payment method in Io?

Payments with pin code were ok…but payments with phone contactless didn’t appear in the list of transactions valid for italian cashback. Thanks

OK, so as I suspected they were not “invalid”, but simply didn’t appear. You mention phone contactless and wonder if that is the problem. I know that Google Pay doesn’t work for the moment.

Anyway, my payment was contactless (just waved the card at the machine), I’ll let you know in due course if it goes through OK.

As of this morning my contactless payment in the supermarket with Revolut on 11th January is showing under cashback in the app Io.

Damm even I am having a similar kind of issue, I have searched all over the internet and even have posted on number of threads on different forum, no solution seems to work. I am really frustrated, can anyone of you here help me resolve this issue, I am very much tired now.

Hey there, do you confirm you can pay with revolut card MASTER CARD circuit contactless? Contactless by the card not by the phone through Apple or Google I mean, and be accepted by IO.
Thanks :slight_smile:

hi, I have a problem with revolut cashback with maestro circuit

Ehi @claudiothewall, what problem do you have?