From the 8th of December 2020 here in Italy, the government in order to promote the use of electronic payment method introduced what is now called “CASHBACK DI STATO”
It is still in BETA as everything in Italy but I imagined that for all the other Italian users ( or anyone else who is eligible to participate ) a common topic could be useful since everything so far is kinda buggy.
So far to participate one have to

1-Have a digital identity or SPID
2-Download the Mobile APP IO
3-Register on the APP IO using your SPID
4-Register your payment method ( revolut or any other card available) in the wallet section of the app
5-In the wallet section of app insert the IBAN code of the bank into wich you would like to have your cashback deposited…( I used an Italian one for this step so I don’t know if revolut would appear )
6-Cross your finger and hope that the next payment done with one of those card is registered and accounted for your cashback

I’m adding the link related to the topic made by the Italian Government



An excellent initiative! Among other things, Revolut is compatible :heart_eyes:

Visa card (Revolut)
Card number: 16 digits · Security code: 3 digits

You cannot pay on IO
We are working to support payments with your Revolut card on the IO app.

You can enable Cashback on IO
Add the card in the Wallet section and follow the instructions. If your card is already in the Wallet, select it to check the Cashback status.

I registered my revolut card on the IO app on 9th December and made a purchase on the 10th which still does not show.

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Ehi @Steffi,
It can take up to 72 hours for you to see the transaction on IO, although the process is usually quicker.

Thank you I know that but it is now 4 days which is more than 72 hrs…

Hi there!
I registered my card on the 9th od December and started using the 11th ( and since I almost never use the cash I almost use it every day ) so far, this morning ( 15th of December ) I got the last shown purchase dated 11 December but not everyone is showing so far… so I’d say it still kinda buggy but is catching up. Just double-check that the card got registered correctly in the wallet sections and that the IBAN also is inserted correctly. It happened to my parents that the first time I registered them everything was looking fine but when I checked two days after their cards were not appearing

Hi MadMatt
I registered my card on 9 December and made the first transaction on the 10th and it still does not show. In the wallet section I only see the last four digits of the card number and the expiry date, so there is no way to check if the number is correct. I do not want to delete the card and re-enter it at this stage because I do not want to loose the transactions I made, as one was quite an important amount. I suppose I just have to wait a little more…

It is highly unlikable that you have entered a wrong card number…
What about the IBAN? i used an Italian one to be safe not the revolut one…
But probably you just have to wait… remember only PHYSICAL shop are up for the cashback, not amazon or anything similar

I entered an Italian IBAN to receive the cashback in February but in any case this should not interfere with the payment transactions I make, I mean why should it? I made transactions with my bancomat banking card and these show. Only the payment made on Thursday with my revolut card does not show. Physical payment for driving lessons…

Now one transaction of my revolut card shows, I made it on Saturday :slight_smile:
Maybe it took slightly longer to get the card activated and on Thursday it was not yet valid.

happy to hear that :slight_smile: if it of any consolation I also put my bancomat on the IO APP but it was not correctly counted so all the gasoline I used didn’t get the 10% cashback discount

Hello everyone.
I’m facing some problems in getting my transactions shown in the IO app. Made a transaction on Friday, 11th, and still doesn’t show up. The card is correctly configured and cashback-enabled in the app. This was a grocery transaction, made at a local Conad supermarket. Don’t know if there are problems now. Hope it’s only a matter of days

double check that the card is in you wallet and that is enabled (the blue turn on slide) by now it should have appeared…

This morning, after one week, that transaction which I was missing is now showing!! Just to let other users know :slight_smile:

I see many of you are experiencing delay with revolut transactions tracking in IO app. Same for me, it’s been almost 1 week since my first transaction after I registered the card on IO app, but still no show! At the same time I have also a bancomat registered (not revolut) and it shew after just a couple of days the transactions…
I believe there may be an issue with the specific integration with revolut, is there anyone on revolut side that can support us in better understanding what is going wrong?

Mine are all showing up… are you sure you have moved the slice to use it for the cashback? it’s an on-off toggle

Same issue here, I added my virtual visa card from Revolut that I use with gpay two weeks ago and then last week I did some transaction with it, and still nothing is showing on the IO app. I even checked the toggle which is on, as I already did…

Just to be sure… those purchases were done on Physical stores and not online right?

The problem is that google pay and apple pay is not supported by cashback! I read an italian article about that… you should use the revolut credit card and not your phone to pay.
I went to 5 markets wednesday and everything was fine… I found all 5 transactions today

Yes, I did… since the very first day.
I don’t know if it may be linked to the fact that I’m paying contactless via Apple Pay using the revolut card… someone is doing the same?