Cannot verify account, need help!

Hello, I am also having the same problem. I have uploaded my passport picture and my selfie and it says there is a problem but I have no way of contacting anyone in app. I think it might be because I have a beard now and don’t in my passport pic. Can someone please help?

Hello. I have just set up an account but the verification process failed. How can I fix this? I can’t contact anyone through the app. Thanks.

Currently, I have a question on my Revolut account, as my account has been temporarily limited, I have provided the information it needs, however no response at all. In this case, what do I need to do?

Hi I need help as I made a Revolut account when I was 17 and now that I’m 18 I’m trying to log in but it won’t let me verify my age to show I’m 18 and it won’t let me login online and I can’t access support what do I do?

Hi, I need help. I verified my account before approx. 3 Weeks but nothing happens. In App, I’m still getting a massage “Verify your identity”. Can you check why my account is not verified? Thanks

Hi @anon33247966 could you also help me with my verification progress? It’s been stuck at 60% for a few days now.

AFAIK @anon33247966 is not working for Revolut anymore

Hi can any one help me. I tried to create a revolut account months but due to my age I cannot verify my account and I need to go on to send money back to some one who sent it in error. Is this possible

It’s best to contact support on social media. :wave:

I have a BIG problem!!! I am in the process of getting my new visa renewed BUT for this, I have a temporary paper that extends my work permit, this paper does NOT have a picture of my face.

NOW: When I try to confirm my identity the app asks me for either:
a) identity card/ work permit
b)passport of the country I am residing in

If I use my old identity card that is the same as my work permit, which is EXPIRED, the app will tell me NO: this is expired.

When I use my “paper without a picture” which is my work permit extension while I wait for my new one, the app CANNOT confirm my identity because there is no picture.

When I take a picture of my work permit extension and then it asks me for a selfie the app automatically blocks my account and says: your account is 60% verified… I cannot transfer, use my cards, use my money, NOTHING while I wait.

When the wait is over it tells me: SORRY cannot confirm your identity, do it again, and I cannot log in to my account or do anything unless I verify my identity, which again, I CANNOT, because the app is useless to confirm identities.

I tried talking to customer service and explained this and it’s horrible they are also useless. My identity was already confirmed with customer service about a two months ago and I explained this situation and they said “no problem” my identity should have been verified until january 21st which is when my “work permit extension, AKA, paper without a picture” expires. I don’t understand why they need me to do it again. I already went through all the trouble of doing it.

I am just frustrated and about to cry, i use revolut as my savings “bank account” and now I can’r even access ANY of my money, this should be illegal… please help me!!!

I even tried sending the customer service person a picture of all my documents passport with picture work permit extension, old permit on the chat and NOTHING no help he still sends me to the app to verify it and the app only lets me upload ONE document plus taking a selfie…

I cannot chat with a live agent because I am locked out of my account.


Hello! Can you please help me. I have the metal plan and we want my boyfriend to get one but it is saying that they could not verify his identity. What can we do? Thank you in advance!

I tried to verify my account 10 times till now. I sent a clear pic of my ID (front back) and also a selfie but I get the error “We couldn’t verify your ID”. looking for a support email/team but can’t find

@Christea2227 this is your best chance:

can’t find an option to msg them on twitter… any other option?

Yes, they haven’t figured out yet, how to add the message button to their twitter profile. :slight_smile:

You have to follow them and mention them (@revolutapp) in a tweet and they will contact you via DM.

I’ve logged back into Revolut first time
Since 2018 and it’s now been a week to verify my account ? So unable to use or contact anyone to why it’s taking so long ?

I’m having the same problem, I created my account and added my documents, but it’s been a lot of time now and it is still not verified!

Im having issues verifying my account. When i open the app i get the following message (been stuck on that for 1 week)