Cannot verify account, need help!

Hi, I just made a Revolut account and topped up with £11, then I made a virtual card and it told me that I have to “verify my account” to use my virtual card. The issue is, my phone’s camera is broken so I’m unable to take pictures on it and the forms of ID you allow (passport or driving licence) I don’t have as I’ve never driven before and I’ve never left my country. I’ve lived in England my whole life and never had the need for ID so what am I to do with the £11 I topped up in my account? Is it just stuck in there with me being unable to use it? I can’t find a way to put the money back in my bank account where I originally transferred it from and I’m really worried I just lost £11 which I won’t be able to get back.

EDIT: The virtual card I made has all the digits masked out and whenever I try to find out what the details of the card I created are, it tells me to verify my account. Wouldn’t me topping up my account with money be verification? I’m just very confused because I don’t have any of the forms of verification that you ask for and even if I did, my phone camera is broken so I don’t know how I could send it as you can’t upload pictures and you have to take the photos then and there with your phone. I really just want to find a way to get my money put back into my account or for me to be able to use my virtual card. I was under the impression that you could use your virtual card without having to verify your account until you top up £200 or more.


Not sure where you got this information from, but I’ve never heard of this claim before.


Topping up your :r: account is not equivalent to verifying your identity, as it is only the submission of a payment method (for topping up.).

In addition, payment methods (such as debit/credit cards.) can be stolen. Therefore to ensure the integrity of the global financial system, safeguards are put in place (KYC/AML regulation, laws and policies.) in order to prevent this from happening.

You can apply for a provisional driving licence without having driven before, or having taken and passed the driving exam.

You can contact :R: customer support to have the original sum (of £11) revert back to your original payment method (but not to a new payment method/bank account.).

@anon33247966 can help with this.

As far as I am aware, it is not possible continue having and using a Revolut account without undergoing identity verification.

Thanks for all this information. I was told by a friend that you don’t need to be verified until you reach £200 so obviously, they were wrong/lying.

I’d definitely like to just revert my money back into my bank account which I originally topped up from as I was under the wrong impression with what Revolut was. How do I contact @anon33247966 ?

How can I contact @anon33247966?

Send him DM here. You can contact support by Revolut chat, FB or Twitter too (profile: revolutapp)

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Hi @coreyrae,

Thank you for contacting us.

As I can see you have contacted our support team and an agent helped you to get your funds bank.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Have a great day.


Andreas K

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Please Help!! I already topped up my account and took pictures for the verification but it does not get verified!! I urgently need that money to be transferred.

Many thanks,

Did you contact them via in-app chat?

I did last night. Still no reply! : (

You can always use Twitter (the most efficient channel).
Here we can summon @anon33247966

Thanks mate. Ive just posted sth on Twitter as well. Hope @anon33247966 can help.


Could you please reply to our in-app message?

Hi @anon33247966, I seem to have the same issue with the verification process. I have received my Revolut card, but I cannot access anything until the verification process is complete. Since that is still pending, could you please look that up for me? Thank you,

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I need my account verifying too. £200 isn’t good enough for a year. I need to use it in holiday

Hi there,

Could you check if my Revolut account is verified?
Just received the card today and I can’t anywhere in the app the option to check if the account is verified or not.


Just check the annual limit in your app (more> profile> verification and limits).
If it is higher than, let’s say, 2 000 GBP- you’re verified for sure. :wink:

Hi, Revolut has been verifying my account since for 4 days now. Could you please help me?

Best to contact in app chat.

I verifiyed within 5-10 minutes 3 month ago. Picture of ID, live photo, done.

I’ve been trying to contact Revolut via the online chat, but no answer from any agent for the last 4 days

This is a known problem. Right now they may still be too few to handle the many (new) customers. They are improving that situation.