Cannot verify account, need help!

@AndreasK Hi there, could you please help me? Having issues verifying my account. Have tried a number of times (with clear picture of passport + selfie), but it keeps getting declined. Not it’s saying something went wrong, try again later, every time I try! I have also tried the live chat but am not getting a response. Could you please advise?
Thank you!

Hello I need to transfer money net back but I am not verified can you send it back

You’d better contact in-app support. Write them your problem then type live agent.

Also: verify your account. :man_shrugging:t3:

Hi AndreasK,

I had transfered money from my bank account to my revolut account as i needed to transfer it to a friend urgently.
However, now i am stuck on the ‘we need more information’ page since Thursday and can not get into the app to take back my money.
Can you help please??


Hello Andreas. I have problem with my verification and I can’t use the app chat because it stuck on pending verification, as you can see on the attachment. Thank you!

Hello i need help
How long Is gonna take to verify my passport ?

Hello can you help me im waiting for verify my identity