Cannot log in to Revolut app, need help !!

Hi, I’m trying to log in but can’t. I need to change some details. Can I get help please?

Hi there, I have same issue. It’s terrible experience

I created an account when I was in France last year but that time couldn’t verify my identity. Now I have moved to Singapore and want to create a Revolut account but I am not able to proceed with the app. It is asking me to verify my french documents which I can’t. Please help at the earliest

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I’m contacting you because i’m having troubles to log in my account
I changed phone, sim card and number, I installed the revolut app on my new phone, but can’t log in
I tried to call the automatic voice mail which adviced me to get some help in the app I can’t log in, and I can’t find anywhere else to post a message
(sorry in advanced if I wasn’t supposed to write her)
Anyway, I’d like some help please,

Good news. Help is near. Just scroll 4 posts up. :slightly_smiling_face::point_up:

I can not log in I got a
New number I put it in then it says pin is wrong what can I do to get in my account?!!!

Hi @anon33247966 I do have an similar issue and can’t get it to work and login through the app…

I’m in Australia and signed up the first time in June, where the app wasn’t officially working and apparently got me bugged. I never got the chance to access my Revolut since.


anon33247966 (AndreasK) is a former staff member of Revolut that isn’t active anymore in this community, that is why his account is anonymised (“anon”).

Hi, Since I downloaded the new application I cannot log in my account, it is continuously asking for my number. If I click on “register” instead of log in it says that there is already an account registered on my name and asks for the old number. I have not changed mobile or number. . I do not have Facebook or Twiter. Thanks for your help

Well there is no Revolut support here (since this is a user community). So either create a social media account or try one of the other contact methods described in the topic below:

Hi, having the same issue. New phone and number and can remeber my password. How to get help?


Me as well, same problem. Br Björn

Please check my post just above yours.

Hi i tested that way but i dont remember my password. So can login. And to reset you need your old number working, and i have new one. To change number you need your password that i forgot. I tested my old passwords and its not working.

What way? In my post I am not talking about testing. In my post I am linking to a post that is about how to contact Revolut. I repeat in this community there is no Revolut support.