Can’t set up app account

Hi there. I have attempted to create a Revolut account via the app. When I signed up, it proceeded to say it’s not available in Australia and then put me in a queue of 2,335 people without giving me any options to edit my info (this has not budged for some time now). I wanted to go back to correct these details as I will be a UK resident within two weeks. How can I change this or speed up the process?!

Also, I have tried sharing the app with friends (to get them to sign up) to help bump up in the queue but the shared link generated by Revolut doesn’t even work. A bit frustrating.

Hi there.

Could you please send me a direct message so that I can help you setting up an account using your UK details?


I have the same problem: I downloaded the app while in Australia, linking it to my Australian phonenumber. Now I want to use it in 2 weeks and decided i want to link my Belgium bank account to it, and get the card sent over to Australia (become a premium user first).
Can I also send you a direct message and how do I do that?

Hi there. Please check your inbox. :slight_smile:

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I have the same problem, i was in the queue with my Australian number but now i have an UK number, and the app doesn’t let change my number.

I have similar problem can you check inbox ?

Hello, I have the same problem can you help me ?
Thanks in advance