🚀 Bitcoin withdrawals have landed🚀

I suggest to contact Revolut on social media. That is the most effective way.

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I have Metal and still don’t see any possibility to send BTC to an external BTC address.
Can you please help me?

This is a basic and essential crypto function and I don’t understand why it seems available only for UK accounts.

My guess is because Revolut trading services are NOT regulated in the EU, so no protection or compensation schemas. (supposed to be regulated a long time ago).

Also, cannot even change an account from the EU to the UK without closing the current account in use, withdrawing all the money and starting a new process to open an account in the UK.

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There’s also no protection in the UK. This is what Revolt writes on their website:

Revolut’s cryptocurrency service is not regulated by the FCA, other than for the purposes of money laundering.

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  • Will withdrawal feature be available in EU ?
  • Will withdrawal feature be available for other big cryptos (eth, ada, sol etc.) ?
  • Will staking feature is in the roadmap for anytime soon ?



Per this website: Revolut – Compare plans
They say that crypto withdrawals are available under EVERY plan, even Free.
In this here announcement they say it’s only under Metal.
Someone above me is saying it’s supposedly not available in the EU (where I am) - presumably they have a Metal plan and don’t see such an option.
I don’t see such an option on my Free account.

I would consider a paid plan for lower fees and on-chain withdrawal ability and make Revolut my on-ramp for crypto, but it’s I’ll only pay for what I know I’m getting. Can we get an official clarification on this?

Totally with you on that one, a more pro crypto platform would be a great great addition to Revolut users

If you read the blog it says : “We’re starting with Bitcoin, but we’ll be adding more tokens and upgrades in the near future.” :slight_smile:

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What kind of wallet do you need to withdraw crypto from Revolut to an external wallet?

I have added my wallets but get (address disabled and now is locked).

I am a metal UK user.

As far as im aware, (i also might be stating what you already know) Revolut will not allow crypto to be transferred to an external wallet, except for Bitcoin, and i think they added Ether to that recently to. All other cryptos have to stay at risk with them on the app.