🚀 Bitcoin withdrawals have landed🚀

Hello Community :wave:

We present to you, Bitcoin withdrawals :rocket:

A little bird let slip that Crypto at Revolut has levelled up. So, let’s make it official. We’re giving Metal customers exclusive beta access to our new Bitcoin feature to make Crypto better than ever. Please remember that when buying and selling crypto, your capital is at risk.

Read all about withdrawals on the blog and start exploring crypto in-app today!

Team Revolut


good news, we need 2 simple thing, i want to have a percentage of how much a made on my bitcoin, its a simple

i want also to receive interest on my btc also



How about adding some basic features in trading and savings instead of fueling investing speculation for young people? Perhaps you want to guide the younger generation towards long term investing thinking instead of get rich quick schemes and speculative assets

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I am Metal user, but I can’t find the withdrawal button for my BTC.
Can you please help me, how to do it?

Why is this only available to metal customers?
It’s our coins . You charge us to buy then we have to be metal customers to withdraw?
What about the ability to withdraw other coins.
Revolut would be my go to crypto exchange if

  1. You allow external transfer with all coins
  2. API for tax
  3. Ability to stake or earn yeild

Right now I see you as amateurs who trap newbies.

Please try harder


thanks, now we have the PnL percentage

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I tried to withdraw my BTC from Revolut into another wallet but it only allows £500 per day. This is completely unhelpful for user because in short period of time, we should withdraw BTC into wallet and we can buy another currency in cripto wallet. This shouldn’t be controlled and this would be allowed to use freely. Please bring some changes, allow to transfer into wallet at least £50k. This would be a plenty of options for all of us.
I hope someone will fix this issue soon.


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So do we get to trade our crypto???