Banned phone number


I have downloaded the app to create a new account. I did put my phone number and set a code, but I never received a message to confirm my account was created…
Now, Revolut is telling me that my phone number has been banned.
How can I reset my phone number in order being able to create a Revolut account ?
Please help !!!


Did you get a reason for the ban ?


No there no reason described.
In fact, as I didn’t receive any message to confirm the account creation, I did renew the account creation many times (6 or 7 times) before getting the banned message.


Seems like the system have flagged you for spamming or something. Try and reach out to them in the In App Chat, or through Facebook/Twitter.


As I do not have a Revolut account, I do not have access to the App Chat.
Do you think that they will reply through Facebook ? (I don’t have a twitter account) ?


Hi there. Can you please send me a direct message?


Hi AndreasK, thanks for the reply.
Could you please help me to reset my phone number ?


The tech team is working on a fix.


OK thanks

Let me know when it will be fix


I had exactly the same problem.

They are still working on it…


Hi guys. The team has resolved this. Could you please try to sign up now and let me know?


Hi, I have tried this morning.
My phone number is not banned anymore so I tried to create an account but I
still not receiving the activation code by SMS.
Can you have a look on this problem ?


Please send me a direct message.


Can you tell me how to send you a direct message ?
I do not find the option…

  • You are posting your contact details in a public forum.
  • Do send a direct message click the contact and then the message icon
  • If the message icon is not available you have to wait or a admin has to unlock this feature for you


Hello, Andreas,
I have the same issue with my phone being banned while installing the app on my phone as I did not get the code and tried to resend it many times. Please help me to unbann my phone.



Can you please send me a direct message?


Hey i cant create a account on revolut with my phone number can you plz help me


I tried to send private message to Andreas Kapsos, but there is no such option for me. My phone numer is banned.

How can I send private message?


You should be able to send me a message now.