Banned phone number

Hello, I have exactly the same problem, can you help me please ?

Can you please try to sign up now?

Yes it works thank you.
I just have few questions: as I am French and living in the UK for 4 months, I signed up in Revolut.

But I am not really sure how to use it. Do I have to open a count in GBP to pay with the debit card in UK or a EUR account can work ?

To transfert money to the UK account what is the best option ? Use the card registered in the app or I should do bank transfer ?

I have the exact same problem… can you fix my number too?

Br. Kasper

I have the same issue, pleasecan you fix this for me too.

Thank you


I have the same issue, please, can you fix this for me too?

Thank you


Hy there …my phone number go banned…please help…

Many thanks

Hi, I have the same problem as well, probably because I wasn’t able to activate my account because of an system error (‘something went wrong’ message) …

Could you please try to sign up now?

Hi, I need help too. Have the same problem - en error occurred multiple times when I was trying to create an account (during sms code activation), and now my phone number (and apparently any phone nymber as long as I’m trying to sing in using my phone) is banned. I can’t use chat on the app, cause obviously I can’t log in, so im feeling helpless.

Hey! Can you please try again now?


I can’t create a new topic and there is no other way to address issue, so will answer here.
I’ve created an account once with my phone number and then noticed a typo in my data entered and the only way to change it was to delete account and create a new one with same number. I did so and now I’m not able to create a new one for 2+ month as my phone number is not accepted for some reason.
Is there anyway someone can help me with that?

I have the exact same problem… can you fix my number too?

Hi Andreas , I have the same situation here. I tried to create an account but I did not get some sma code so I tried it repeatedly and after it shows that my phone # got banned.