ATMs — Everything You Need To Know 💳

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We’ve noticed a lot of questions about ATMs in the Revolut Community recently, so that’s going to be our focus in this post. Ready for some machine learning? :wink:

How can I find my nearest ATM?

Very easily! In your Revolut app, go to the ‘Cards’ section in the top-right corner, and select ‘Find ATMs nearby’. You’ll be taken to a list and map of ATMs based on your current location, so make sure your location services are enabled.:round_pushpin:

For more info, go to the Where can I find ATMs? FAQ in our Help Centre.

What ATMs can I use? :atm:

You’re able to withdraw money from any ATM that supports Visa or Mastercard in your home country or overseas. We urge you to look out for fees that some ATM operators might apply — they usually tell you how much they’ll charge you to withdraw money on-screen.

Just so you know, virtual cards, or cards added to Apple Pay or Google Pay can’t be used for ATM withdrawals. :no_entry_sign:

You can read more about this in our How do I withdraw cash? FAQ.

What are the ATM withdrawal limits?

For Revolut customers, ATM withdrawal limits reset on a rolling monthly basis, exactly one month from the day your current plan started. For instance, if your plan began on the 15th, your limit will reset on the 15th of every month thereafter. :spiral_calendar:

Check out our What are the ATM withdrawal limits? FAQ for more details.

What are the ATM withdrawal fees?

You can find the latest fee info on our ATM cash withdrawal fees page in our Help Centre.

If you want to compare the limits according to the plans, please visit here. :point_left:

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Please note; the info might vary depending on the user’s region.

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Thanks for that post.
On a separate (but related) note… is it possible to change the fee reset date? This is in the context of currency transfers. The date in the past was helpful in terms of time scale when funds were expected in to my account but after a short time of being upgraded (where the limit was removed) and that update expiring, the date became advanced to one less helpful.


@Graham_Lees, I understand your concern but currently, we don’t have this option available. However, I would advise you to contact us by in-app chat for better clarification. :pray:

SG | Community Team

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You should be able to reset the date by switching plans again and then cancelling it during the grace period. I am not sure if it would be worth the effort for me.


I basically agree. What comes around, goes around and whilst the rates are so fluid, it may not be worth worrying about. It’s been out of sync for me for some months now anyway.


I tested my Revolut card on a Brazilian “Banco24Horas” ATM and beside the charge of R$ 25 BRL for withdrawing :scream: (that’s too much) I got a little confused by the option because it showed:

Withdrawal from Credit, withdrawal from current account and withdrawal from savings account.

What’s the correct option?

If I withdraw from savings, will it withdraw from my “pocket account” were I save/separate some cash that I don’t want to use?


Most likely, „credit“ will work, maybe „current account“ as well. That’s the order in which I would try it.

(This is somehow related to the technical discussion about processing pipelines we had a while back. The ATM doesn’t understand what kind of account you have. It asks for the correct authorisation method, how the process works behind the scenes. And many international debit cards are processed just like national credit cards.)

The current account / savings options will most likely either fail or result in a withdrawal from the same main account. If you don’t have specific options to link a card to a pocket (like the UK app allows), I would be surprised if you could access pockets from an ATM.


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Completely different from Brazilian cards, if I use my Brazilian fintech card it would show the 2 option: credit and debit.

Selecting credit withdrawals from the credit card function itself (like a loan from the credit card with higher fees) and debit from the checking account.

That’s why I would be afraid of select “credit”

On my traditional Brazilian bank, the Banco24Horas ATM load a simplified version of my bank ATM software, so I can select to withdraw from anywhere, get my balance and do bank transfers and pay bills since Brazilian ATM usually also have a barcode scanner and biometric scanner to use instead or together of the password.

Ok Banco24Horas have this higher integration with the traditional banks because they own it, but there’s also some smaller ATM network from credit cooperatives but they are hard to find, usually only inside those cooperatives branch.