ATM Withdrawal in Czech Republic

Update from April 2019:

  • Moneta charges 195 CZK fee, but notifies about it during the process, so you can cancel the withdrawal
  • Ceska Sporitelna (CS) charges 125 CZK fee, but notifies about it during the process, so you can cancel the withdrawal
  • CSOB charges 12 CZK without notifying about it
  • Komercni Banka (KB) charges 10 CZK without notifying about it


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I can not confirm

Czechia (Czech Republic) is the country where I’ve faced the single most egregious charge on any ATM transaction, in percentage terms, and I’ve been to countries like Mongolia and Cambodia.

There’s a guy on YouTube based in Prague - his channel is called HONEST GUIDE - who does videos about the various scams and ripoffs perpetrated on tourists in the capital. Worth checking out.


April 2019:
Ceska Sporitelna: 125 CZK with fee notification, you can cancel.
CSOB: 50 CZK with NO notification

Which CSOB ATM did you use? And is your card Visa or Mastercard?

Hey, today I tried to withdraw from ATM Moneta… I read everywhere that to pay the fee. Today I chose 200 CZK without the fee.

Do you have Mastercard?

Yes, I have MasterCard… Why?

Another reason why we would need the option to chose between Visa or MC. Instead of Revolut to decide on behalf of us depending on the home address.

Confirm in August 2019 that MonetaBank still charges 195 ČK for withdrawal without warning. Avoid. UniCredit let us withdraw without an issue.

27-28 August 2019 - Revolut Mastercard (Metal if it matters)

KB Bank - 1000 czk withdrawal - no comission
Fio Bank - 500 czk withdrawal - no comission


Hello guys. Do you have any update about a place in which I can do withdrawl without commision? I have a VISA standard card.

Hi @Melobash90 ,

You can check the complete list here, very good job made: The ultimative free ATM withdrawal list for travelling (by country)

For CZ:


Anyone else have this problem ? Tried to take money out of a bonafide bank reiffienstine I th
And it didnt give me any money … and it was taken out of my account and I contacted Revolute straight away . They said wait . Now 5 days later still no money back and have now to ask for charge back 45 days wait …


Anybody has withdrawn money in the Czech Republic recently? What banks don’t have commission?


Avoid Česká Spořitelna, Moneta & Euronet.
I think most of others still free, but you should try.
If not, it tells you about a fee before you withdraw and you can cancel it… Good luck and enjoy the journey.

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ČSOB is good for international card, but withdraw not less than 1000czk.

I just spent the morning in Znojmo trying every single ATM. They all wanted between 125 and 195 czk in comission…
I finally got lucky at a branch of Komercialni Bank ( KB).
No commission at all there.

Hope that helps.

I can confirm in 2022, KB (Komercni banka) and Raiffeisenbank are free of charges in CZ.

I tried with Unicredit Bank but has commissions.

(With Standard Visa Card)


We’r just, august 2022, back from Czech Republic.
KB is free of charges.