ATM Withdrawal in Czech Republic



During the trip to the Czech Republic this weekend I withdrawed 400 CZK at an ATM (settled in CZK). Here’s what I got: almost 50% of the commission charged to the operation!

It was my first operation at a foreign ATM. The bank claims that they did not count the commission :frowning:

So! Be careful

ATM Billa, Cesky Tesin, Moneta Money Bank


Omg !!! Makes no sense meant you be 2% over £200 ??


I recently withdrawed money in ATM’s in Mexico (Banamex, CITI, Santander) and they all charged me 30,45 MXN for each withdrawal (regardless of the amount). Even though it’s not much I was hopping not to be charged for the comissions…
Nevertheless, using the Revolut card over there worked extremely well. Only problem was that they did not recognize the card and sometimes took a little longer to process the payment (for curiosity purposes i guess :slight_smile: )


Revolut told me that 195 CZK fee was applied by ATM provider :slight_smile:

And i believe them, because of how does it look on my account - it’s 595 CZK charge in one part, without any fee.

BTW: there were no information of this fee during withdrawal process


Use CSOB ATM. At least was free of charge 1 year ago!!


Fee 195 CZK Moneta Money Bank was not charged in the past (01/2018). It’s new. However, the ATM alerted me to this fee. I have recently withdrawn money free of charge from ATMs operated by banks: CSOB, Poštovní spořitelna, Česká spořitelna, Fio banka, Unicredit Bank, Air Bank and Euronet.


Thank you for the answer. Do you remember this ATM payment alert? It was clear and visible on the ATM screen or hidden in lowercase letters in the corner :)?




There is no way I miss such a big warning sign. Now I am sure - “my” ATM just did not show “Fee notice” during withdrawal.


Ï did experiments with my new VISA Revolut card today.

Česká spořitelna ATM withdrawed 4000 CZK without fee.
KB withdrew 1000 CZK with fee 10 CZK.


Moneta still charges 195,-. Terrible.

KB, CSOB, Raiffeisenbank - tested without any fees.


Just my luck :frowning: Thanks for The Feedback.



In case someone like me finds this thread through a Google search – I just got back from Prague and using Revolut there was a hit or miss when it comes to ATMs.
Euronet – notified me of a 75 CZK (or 95, can’t be sure) fee, regardless of the amount withdrawn. Some Euronet ATMs flat out rejected my card (and my gf’s Revolut card as well).
CSOB – didn’t notify me about any fees, but when I tried withdrawing 1000 CZK (I had 2000 CZK in my account at that point), it said I had insufficient funds on my account…
Raiffeisen – worked okay at first, without any fees, but then started converting the amount to PLN (my primary currency) and then back to CZK. So when I withdrew 200 CZK it charged my account 204,14 CZK. Very strange.
KB – worked without issues.


I used all kinds of atms in prague a few days ago and it worked just fine. The only thing - euronet will take you a 75 czk only if u use your mastercard (happened to me) but then i switched to withdrawing money from euronet machines with my visa card 3 times and encountered absolutely no fees :wink:


I’ve just tried Ceska Sporitelna ATMs and they charge you a 125czk for a withdrawal.