ATM withdraw in Hungary

Usually ATM asks you if you agree with the fee if there is any fee. So dont worry, just try ATMs but I think most whithdrawals will be free.

Erste Bank doesn’t seem to accept revolut anymore.
Used OTP and CIB this time.

Hey! Do you know if I have euro on my Revolut account and I want to withdraw it on an OTP Euro ATM, is there gonna be a fee? Thanks

Others on a hungarian forum have done it before, it has no fee.

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You can withdraw EUR form OTP (EUR ATM) for free.
I’ve found only one EUR ATM in Budapest, an OTP EUR ATM at Deák Ferenc utca.

In Hungary all the ATMs, that belongs to a Bank, they don’t charge any fee.
Euronet is not a bank in Hungary.

Most banks: OTP, ERSTE, CIB, Budapest Bank (BB), MKB, K&H

I live in Budapest and use Revolut card.