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This is a question asked by @Fernandoo in another topic, translated to English from Spanish and moved here for better visibility.

Hello!! I am going to travel to Budapest in the next few weeks and I have several questions about the Revolut card:

1st- It has become clear to me that if I pay with the Revolut card at a store there during THE WEEKEND they will charge me a 1% commission. My question is, and if I withdraw florins from an ATM there during THE WEEKEND with the Revolut card, will they also charge me this commission or is it only when paying with the Revolut card in a store?

2nd When is the WEEKEND considered to start and when does it end?

3rd I have read in some places, that the ATMs there can charge you a commission for “CONVERSION” and that you have to give that you do not want the conversion… but and that exactly, how and when does the ATM ask you?

4th I have also read that they advise that when you go to pay in a store, with the card, at the POS, put or tell the merchant that you want to pay in local currency (forints), and I have the same question: how and when do I have who give that instruction?

5th Which ATMs/banks do not charge me the SURCHARGE FEE commission when I withdraw money? Is there a list? How do I know that an ATM is charging me that commission when I am withdrawing money? Does the cashier notify me so I can cancel the operation?

Those are all my questions. Excuse me but I am very green on these issues. Thank you very much in advance to those who take a moment to answer me. All the best!!

If you are able to help, please tag @Fernandoo directly. Thanks

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@Fernandoo As to your second question about when the weekend is said to start and end, there was a topic recently which explored this worth considering.

Use something like Google Translate to see the content in Spanish.

As for time conversion you can use this resource:

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@Graham_Lees muchas muchas muchas gracias por la molestia y la dedicación que te estás tomando!! Te debo una cerveza húngara!! hehehe!! en serio, muchas gracias!!

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Hello, I have a related question: I’ll be traveling to Hungary over the weekend. If I open a Hungarian Forint account and transfer/exchange Euros into it, can I avoid the 1% weekend exchange fee when using my Revolut card in shops in Hungary?

Yes, you can avoid the weekend markup, if your transfers/exchanges are during the week. If you’re using Revolut to exchange EUR into HUF during the weekend, you’re paying the same markup as when using the card.

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When it comes to travel with your :r: card, there are some tips we share here so that you can prepare yourself to have the best experience possible.

When it comes to possible fees that may occur, the best is to have a quick look at this article here.

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