ATM withdraw in Hungary


Do you know from your own experience the network of ATMs in Hungary from which you can safely withdraw forints with Revolut cards without additional commission?


Hey there,

In my experience OTP Bank does not charge you. Others shouldn’t charge either up to 200€ or equivalent.( Except euronet ATMs and some other dodgy ones, not from big banks)


Erste and Takarek K&H‘s ATMs were also free charge like OTPs…


I tried Raiffeisen some months ago and no surcharge was deducted.


MKB also free. They used to charge me when I used foreign cards but with Revolut it’s free.


I have checked it today. Withdrawal of HUF 20,000 from OTP ATM without any commission. Thank you once again for the information.


I have been using OTP ATMs without any issues and no commission or fee was charged. It has been like that for ages… However, I recently noticed that the atms stopped asking if I want to get charged in HUF or EUR. Also I got charged for withdrawal the second time so OTP ATMs are not the same anymore.


Are you sure it was the atm? Didn’t you go over your limit?


It was on the 1st of Sept. The first transaction of the month for the amount of only 6000 huf only. So I was in limit.


The limit might not be by calendar month but a rolling 30 days limit, depending on when you signed up. If you tap on the transaction, you can double check. Fees are stated there.


You might be right. I paid 861Ft fee on 43000Ft cash withdrawal. Is there a way (in the app) to find out what date I signed up on?


You might be able to find it under “profile”.

From the T&Cs:

Calendar month: joined before 16 March 2017;

Rolling month: joined after 16 March 2017; and

Rolling month: for any user who upgraded their Revolut Account from Standard to Premium/Metal or has downgraded from Premium/Metal to Standard.


Dont think its easy to ascertain via profile.
Only ways I know of are either ask support or check when the limts for atm withdrawals and exchange shown under Profile - Price Plan reset to zero.


Depending on your subscription, the initial date of signing up is shown under profile.


Not for lowly ‘free’ user plebs I’m afraid :unamused: