Apple Pay support

I just wanted to share my experience with Maestro and Apple Pay. I could pay in a store where they claim that no credit cards would be accepted. Ok - maybe it’s no big news, but I was excited this worked. I think Revolut is the only company which offers Apple Pay in combination with Maestro. Well done.

Sorry german users - I’ve read that you are kind of p.o. let’s hope :r: fixed this quickly. When you go to the Swiss Apple Pay Page also there Maestro is not listed as supported Schema. So quite funny it works…

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Maestro is only for debit cards, not credit cards, so why is this a surprise?

You might be right. Does anyone know why Deutsche Bank issues a physical Maestro card but an Apple Pay MasterCard? This means that Apple Pay on the same bank account will suffer lower acceptance than the physical card.

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I sometimes ask myself about this with N26. I have a German N26 account with both a Mastercard and Maestro card issued on the same account. Yet only the Mastercard can be added to Pay wallet. It’s quite curious.

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Apple Pay now works in Hungary too! Confirmed by support!


Its working - YAY! Now just need to have money! LOL
(for my premium 5391 xxxx card)