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I just wanted to share my experience with Maestro and Apple Pay. I could pay in a store where they claim that no credit cards would be accepted. Ok - maybe it’s no big news, but I was excited this worked. I think Revolut is the only company which offers Apple Pay in combination with Maestro. Well done.

Sorry german users - I’ve read that you are kind of p.o. let’s hope :r: fixed this quickly. When you go to the Swiss Apple Pay Page also there Maestro is not listed as supported Schema. So quite funny it works…

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Maestro is only for debit cards, not credit cards, so why is this a surprise?

You might be right. Does anyone know why Deutsche Bank issues a physical Maestro card but an Apple Pay MasterCard? This means that Apple Pay on the same bank account will suffer lower acceptance than the physical card.

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I sometimes ask myself about this with N26. I have a German N26 account with both a Mastercard and Maestro card issued on the same account. Yet only the Mastercard can be added to Pay wallet. It’s quite curious.

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Apple Pay now works in Hungary too! Confirmed by support!


Its working - YAY! Now just need to have money! LOL
(for my premium 5391 xxxx card)

Revolut needs to be more accurate with its terminology. Its latest Facebook posts states “You can now use Revolut with Apple Pay in Hungary :hungary:”.

It has been possible to “use Revolut with Apple Pay in Hungary” since 29th May 2019. There is far too much confusion between place of residence and place of use. Revolut should have written:

“Residents of Hungary can now use Revolut with Apple Pay.”


I agree, the terminology is very inaccurate. But wasn’t it technically possible to use Apple Pay in Hungary even before May 29th?
I’m an Android user and I have used Google Pay for months in the Netherlands and it still did not launch there. Usage of NFC-based phone payments should only be limited by the readiness of the POS for tokenized contactless payments, right? And this doesn’t necessarily correlate with launch dates of Google Pay or Apple Pay.


Yes, although not with Revolut. Before Apple launches Apple Pay for local card issuers in a particular country, many merchants incorrectly impose transaction limits, e.g. HUF 5000 in Hungary.

Not really. There are many more that offer Maestro with Apple Pay such as Bunq, ING, Bank Austria etc.

SIX Payment in Switzerland is also planning to add Apple Pay and Googe Pay to the common debit cards in Switzerland by replacing the Maestro brand with MasterCard Debit. Visa will go the same route from V-Pay to Visa Debit. Only then it will be possible for Swiss local debit card owners to even know the number of the card. Currently that number is not even printed on the card.

As a side note, SIX Payment services is a local company formerly owned by many local banks and providing services to them like managing all the card issuing aso… It has recently been sold to Worldline.


Did somebody tried to withdraw ow from ATM (with contactless option) with Apple pay? Is that possible?

I tried and it didn’t work with Visa nor MC.

With Revolut cards is not possible but with other cards on ApplePay it is.

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Is there particular reason?

PS with Monese it is possible so it should be possible theoretically with :r: too?

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I still cannot add my Maestro card to Apple Pay… why is this taking so long?! :disappointed:


There is one bank in my country that has contactless ATMs, but they mentioned that it only works with their own cards. If you want to use one issued by a different institution, you still have to insert it. It might be the same situation :man_shrugging:

The strange thing is that with Monese it works (withdrawing ATM with Apple Pay).

The strange thing is that Google Pay (I know that GPay is something different than APay :slight_smile: ) with Revolut Visa works, with Revolut Mastercard- doesn’t (it used to work)- I mean withdrawing money from ATM using Google Pay.
Revolut claims that this is because of Google Pay, Google Pay claims that this is because Revolut set this up in wrong way…

Yeah, that’s really annoying. :unamused:

Maestro is working again in Germany. :ok_hand: