Apple Pay support

It’s live!


Not working for me for any of my cards! What’s your card BIN ?

Detailed please. What country? Old card?

UK BIN, 01.2018 issued card.

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Can you please give us your BIN ?

539123 Mastercard issued in 01 2018.

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Yes it’s working for me too ! With Visa BIN 459654 !


Works for me too; same BIN as zegorax, above :slight_smile:

Works for me too on Visa!

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confirmed. it’s live and I live in Switzerland! it works with VISA , now gonna try with the mastercard metal

Woks with visa virtual card. Same bin as above

You need to have one of the 2 BINs specified above to have a working card on Apple Pay

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Ohhh you’re a lucky one! What’s the card BIN ?

Hey please delete that for your own safety… you just posted 2 confidential data from your card… :frowning:

me ? without the other numbers you can’t do anything

It’s not working for me with 4596 54 or 5273 46. I see no option in the app to add a card and scanning a physical card in the old-fashioned way doesn’t work either. Can someone please post a screenshot of the function in the app to add a card to Apple Pay?

It is not active in the Revolut app. You need to open the Wallet app, tap the plus (+) icon and add a card.

Not true according to:

If I manually add my virtual MasterCard’s details in the Wallet app, then I am presented with T&Cs, but it then says “Card Not Added. Contact your card issuer for more information”.

As I said, I’ve tried that too.

Sherbibv didn’t said he added it from the Revolut app. He simply copied the virtual card numbers into the Wallet app as a manual card