Anyone having issues?

I’m having the same issue !!! How did you solve it ??


I recently changed phones but kept the same number but I am unable to log in to revolut on my new phone as I get a “we’re sorry” message when I enter my pin. I went on revolut app support on my old phone and they told me to log off the old phone. Now I still cannot log in and i can’t log in again on my old phone so i cannot access support. I am now logged out of revolut entirely and I can’t log in.

I confirmed my identity but i still cannot make a transfer or buy something with my card . It says that i have to confirm my identity but when the pop up show to confirm it i press on it and nothing happens

I have the same problem, it seems revolut don’t care about their customers.


Can someone from Revolut please contact me in the in app chat it just says looking agent I need my problem resolving. Being a new customer I didn’t think this would happen and take so long to resolve! @AndreasK please help me

On new app ver7.(android) - when you trying to set ‘auto exchange’ for currencys, looks like it is not working at all?
When you put your data in - is not showing any ‘ready’/waiting autoexchange setup like use to be on previous version of app … or is it hidden some place?
User endup with no info about … ‘is it setup anything’? will system exchange something in a futer or not?

Anybody else having a problems like this or is it just my phone?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Does this help:


I can’t login to my account after finishing the registration. It keeps saying “Sorry something went wrong”
Can someone help.
Thank you.
Best regards.

I was told log out of my account by a support agent to solve a card issue.

I now cannot get back in to the app as it is saying “something is wrong”.

Can someone help me with this please?


I received authentication codes that I hadn’t asked for. two days later I received a message that my account is blocked and I need to verify my identity. I did that through the link that was sent to me.
Today I received emails that I have mage large amounts of payment from my account. Now I try to login and get stuck in a loop. It asks for my number, sends authentication code, asks for pass code and then email address to sign up. when I click on existing user it goes back to first page and asks for my number again!
I tried uninstall and reinstall 3 times but nothing has changed and there is no way to contact support!
This is very frustrating. A bank should have a number that people can call in urgent situations.
I don’t know what happened to my account and I cannot login.
Please answer what I should do? @andreask

Was that an external link? What was the url? AFAIK identity verification takes place only in the app. Try to contact :r: on twitter or facebook. Sounds like you became a scam victim.

It was a URL messaged to me from Revolut.
it was:
I get the authentication codes from same messenger so believed it and seemed legitimate.
It’s very frustrating that I cannot speak to anyone at Revolut about this.

OK, scam. Have you tried twitter or facebook?

Me too I can’t access my account and I need to

Hi Revolut team,

I am expiring login issues to the revolut application.

I recently switched to a new phone, same number and am unable to log-in to the app. I keep receiving the message:
“We’re sorry, something has gone wrong”.
When trying to login to my old account.
I have ensured I am logged out of the application on my old phone but now I can’t even access that any more on the old device.

Many Thanks!


When trying to send payments, i am suddenly being asked to create a payment link rather than sending the money directly.

Any ideas what the issue can be?

Same her. And my card don’t work either.