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I tried to add my Revolut euro account to Paypal and the message is that the account is not valid. Is there a way to link my Revolut euro account to Paypal?

Thanks in advance

Nikolaos Kordis

Link Revolut IBAN Euro Account to

Hello :slight_smile:

I am currently handling this issue with them.
They said they were unable to contact :r:. The issue is escalated to the technical team since 4 days ago, and I’m receiving a daily call with the progress :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The last info I have is they’re “working on the implementation”.


You also need to go into your Revolut App and go to “Cards > Security > Enable e-commerce transactions” which is set to “Disable” by default…

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It’s disabled by default, but it actually says Disable e-commerce transactions, so keep the option disabled for online transactions. Also, that setting only affects card payments, not the bank account :slight_smile:


when i tried to add my revolut card to paypal, i couldnt till i realized, there must be $, so exchange some euro to dollars and you will add your card with no further problems. At least that was my case, and this was a month ago. I dont know if there is any other issues right now.


Hello Revodrago :slight_smile:

The card dynamically converts funds from one balance to another when spending, so, in theory, this shouldn’t have been a problem.

Anyway, we’re trying to add (I believe) our bank account, the EUR IBAN :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well, it should but it did. And i wasnt the only one who had that problem, so im sure it wasnt exclusively to me. I will follow this topic, to stay informed about the iban issue!


That’s why I added the “in theory” :stuck_out_tongue:
I will post here any news I have from PayPal.


Did you try to choose UK as a living country?


What do you exactly mean with that? :confused:


Revolut cards are issued in the UK, maybe PayPal is finding address mismatch.


Yup, but we’re trying to add the bank account. The IBAN :slight_smile:


oops I missed that. I though you were trying to add your Revolut card :roll_eyes: Apologies!


I have already sent a message to Paypal and i am waiting for an answer in order to find out what’s wrong with adding Revolut accounts on Paypal


Final answer on the topic from PayPal, semi-ok translated:

Dear Julio

Thanks for contacting us regarding this matter.

We have tried to add your account manually but there is an issue which has already been reported to the engineering team.

We apologise for any trouble this might cause, we have added you to the list of affected customers to better investigate the problem.

Thank you for your cooperation,


They just told me this, but they didn’t mention that was an issue. I replied back asking more info. Thanks guys.

"—unfortunately the bank accounts from Revolut cannot be added in PayPal accounts.

Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Yours sincerely,
Servicio de AtenciĂłn al Cliente


Following this discussion as I have the same issue. Just talked to PayPal support and they said that most likely Revolut is too new or something like that.
Really hope that this will be fixed asap


And now PayPal joins the long list of legacy banks and legacy financial institutions…



Do we have any news from Paypal yet ?




Unfortunately, no news up to now!