Add Revolut account to Paypal

So, what’s up ?
And yes, it’s too bad both my credit agricole bank and axa “soon” bank don’t allow me the send easily and free to my Revolut euro uk IBAN

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Credit Agricole do allow you to send to Revolut.
If you are setting up a “virement” on the web my CA blocks IBANs not starting with “FR” for security . Axa might do the same.

I got a form via email from the very helpful CA Britline, emailed it back and they phoned me back to verify it was me. I now transfer funds to and from CA via Revolut.

Which CA are you with as there are several CAs in different regions who might have differing forms, mines CA Atlantique-Vendee.


Oh cool, I’ll contact them !
Does it cost anything to transfer or setup for you with ca ?

No cost, they just add the Revolut IBAN to your “virements”.
Form is here in English.

Ring them to get the right email address to send it back as they have different people with responsibility for areas of France. The phone number is linked to the symbol at the top of their web page.

Its also a portal for opening a French Bank account for those that are interested.


Thanks, I will :blush:
I was fearing they might charge for it !
I sontacted soon (axa) and they told me I had to send a mail Everytime and they’re do the transaction, which would’ve cost Everytime.

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Update from @Juliopp.


Well Revolut, better start working on Eurozone ibans :sunglasses:



Hum, does it mean it will be a concern when the Brexit will be done? I mean, if you are in EU, will you have to close your Revolut accounts?

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I think the expected European banking licence should take care that Revolut continues to provide services in EU.

Regarding PayPal, I haven’t tried to add a Revolut account, but adding the MasterCard is no problem.

Να σου πω… μου βγαζει αυτο ( Check your card details and try again. ) οταν παω να κανω link την καρτα μου στο paypal… τι φαση ??

Mporis se parakalo na mou stilis ena direct message me to tilefono poy exis sto Revolut?

pws sou stelnw ?? prwth fora eimai edw …

I’ll do that for you.

sou esteila fb check…

I’ve sent you a direct message here.

It works now!
I live in Germany and tried to add the bank account to paypal a while ago and failed. Today i was able to add it though.


You can’t add the account like a fully functional account for funding Paypal. It does not support Sepa direct debit yet. But you can add the Revolut card.

I added the IBAN account and the credit card. Paypal now sends me 2 payments to verify the account. I can already make a manual payment to fund my paypal account. No idea how this will be once i verified, but i will let u know. But more important for me is that i can now send money from paypal to revolut.

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Yes, that should work.

Can you now send money from Paypal to your Revolut account? I need to do this too. Where you able to add the Revolut reference number or deposit from Paypal to Revolut?