Account verification stuck at Processing

I just got the app and made an account. I verified with the wrong card for photographic proof and it is stuck on processing now, but also telling me that i need to upload farther proof of residence in EU/UK. I have the ID to upload, but it does not have a button or option to let me upload the new id for re verification.

Please Help

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Hey @Rightangie :slight_smile:

You can probably upload that through the app if you’ve got access, through the More tab, Support and Live chat, typing live agent :smile:

If that’s not an option, you can either send a private message (starting tomorrow as you’re a new user to the forum) to @anon33247966 or contact :r: through Twitter:

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Ive tried the chat to us section yesterday and it said it’ll transfer me to the relevant team, but never got back to me afterwards. When i tried to contact them again today while their status was online, I got no reply. @Juliopp @anon33247966

Hello I am also having the same problem has been stuck verifying me for like 20hours now @anon33247966

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Hello, I uploaded everything Revolut wanted. Now it has been more than 1 day and Revolut still didn’t verify my identity. I tried to message them in online chat in app. Sadly, no one replies me till now. Please do something to resolve this matter.


I am in the same shoes.
Verification stuck at 60%
Please help

Hi. My profile is stuck at 60% verification for a long time now. Can you help me

@Kota1412, the contact means are via in-app chat:
Click last tab (bottom-right), click on the question mark (top right), scroll down to Chat with us and click new chat.
If you can’t access in-app chat, try contacting them via:

Hi, i am french, my id card was expired, i sent picture of my passport through APP.
Account veriication stuck 7 days ago at least. only received automatic response from CHATBOT.

I need to use my account urgently to send money to my daughter.
Please help to fix my issue.

Thank you.

I have the same problem, the app stucked, we cannot use the in-app chat.

Hello I am also having the same problem, I’m stuck at 60%


I also stuck at 60 percent, a think it wont be working nowadays

Hi I have also got this problem even tho I have uploaded all my documents


Hi. It seems that I am also stuck at 60%. I have deposited 50€ + new card fees so I would like to know why this process is taking more time than it should. Could @anon33247966 take a look at this?

Hi !

I made an account a while back but it was bugging so I deleted the app and re installed it. Now that I want to log back in it keeps telling me that they have to verify my identity. However they have been ‘verifying’ my identity for over a week now! What can I do?

anon33247966 (AndreasK) is a former staff member of Revolut that isn’t active anymore in this community, that is why his account is anonymised (“anon”).

Hello I have the same problem took my document to verify , currently stuck at 60% I have re-upload my id many times and has stuck at this is has been days please help me

No Revolut support here. Please check my post just yours.

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Is this working because I’m not getting n answer

Hey you I cannot verify my account because it only stuck to 60 % so what is the solution pls quick and help me broooooooooooooo