Account locked - help


I just activated my card by doing a transaction. Then i tried to withdraw from atm and it says account locked. I cant talk with a live agent in support. Have this happened to anyway? What is the issue?


@AndreasK or @jessicaszabla can you help? I have talked with the live agent in support but he told he me escalated it in the relevant team but still no answer for more than an hour.
I dont remember there being any problem when funds were deposited in my account… securitt issues appeared suddenly when i was trying to withdraw… not very convenient…


Please let us know what happens, This is NOT Businesslike, I’m sorry to here these things happen.
I’ve not used my card in an ATM or bought something, Just used it for buying Crypto.

I’m testing the app ( Buy buying something) hope all goes well.


All i got from customer service - after i was asked for sensitive information which i would never be required ti give by a normal bank - they told me my account is under review and i will know the results soon. When I asked how long they told there are security regulations preventing them from disclosing how long. I ve never heard of such regulation in my life.

Revolut is not serious at all. Be very careful


For your reference, i tested my card by buying something in the amount of 5.50 Euros. Everything was fine. When i tried to withraw 340 Euros the problems started…


If you believe you have not made any action to breach the terms on T&Cs you can always complain to the Financial Ombudsman. This is what i am going to do if this is not resolved in due course. However, first please ask them to give you a complaint form which you can submit to their customer service


Hi there. Thank you for your patience. I’ve escalated this issue to the relevant team which is better suited to help you with your request. Please note a member of the team will contact you via in-app chat shortly.


@AndreasK I have not yet been contacted via the in-app chat.


Hi Revolut team ! I need your help, I need to use my card right now. When i paid online for the stuff i needed, my account locked. And i can’t do anything. It is really annoying, because it is the only money option i have right now. Please help me!


@AndreasK can you help me ?


I can see that an agent replied to your in-app messages and unlocked your account.


Please let me have a look for you.


But how can you find the problem with my account? You don’t even have my account number ?


Ok issue resolved with my account to my satisfaction.

My feedback is that i shouldnt have to write here, on facebook, on tweeter and the in-app chat to have my issue resolved after around 14 hours.

I have to say that i will give Revolut another chance but they must improve on their response times and customer service.
Nevertheless, @AndreasK thank you for your attention to this


You tell Em!! In no uncertain words.


I can see the phone number linked to your profile.