Account Has Been Hacked, How To Contact Support?

Hi, I am new here. My account was hacked about 2 hours ago, I cannot login, passcode not working, I do not receive anymore sms nor email since the hack. Hacker probably changed both account email and number. Revolut website recommends in this case to change passcode, report the fraud via app chat. But I cannot login and therefore i cannot use app chat.

  1. If you want to report fraud on your Revolut account, please submit all details using the
    following link: A better way to handle your money | Revolut
    1.a) If you lost access to your phone, you can still submit your report in the same link using a web browser
    1.b) If you also lost access to your account, please open an anonymous chat by going to the app login screen with another device → Tap ‘Lost access to my number’ → Tap ‘I don’t remember my previous phone number’ → Enter your email address → Enter your passcode, and follow the steps to change your phone number – you might be asked to provide a selfie, and upload ID documents → If you fail the verification process more than three times, you’ll be directed to the chat support.

Above tips not working, as require to login to your account, which was stolen from me. What can I do? How can I report stolen account when I cannot login to app chat?

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Hello @Davidxxx :wave:,

Welcome to our community.:r: Sorry to hear that your account has been hacked. :frowning_face:

I completely get your point that as you’re unable to login to your account hence can’t contact us by in-app chat. Don’t worry, I will help you with other ways. You can reach out to us by our social media channels and can report the same. :hugs:

If you’re not sure about how to contact us by social media, kindly check this link. :ninja:

Hope this helps. :sunflower:

SG | Community Team


Thank you very much for quick response. I have send message via FB messenger 9 hours ago with no response yet. I have send an email to feedback@revolut… and support@revolut… and waiting for the response. I would expect that freezing account should possible to du quite quickLy, but I understand there might be some security procedures in place.

I did not expect that for hacking the bank account access you would need just login name (email) and brute force to get passcode :frowning: as there is no clever restriction limiting number false passcodes per user account :(. And also that new device used for login do not need to be verified first.


@Davidxxx, I know you are worried and that’s absolutely justified.:slightly_smiling_face:

I would request you to kindly give them sometime to get back to you. They will definitely help you to resolve your issue. :pray:

SG | Community Team


That should not work. There are additional verification steps necessary when installing the app on a new device.


Hmm thank you lol for advices, I went trough recommended steps, provided my ID and my account is working again. I will check via app chat what went wrong, nothing seem to be was stolen.

My phone and email were working all the time, but after the notification that someone with android device login to my account (I do not have any android device) I could not login to revolut app a could not reset passcode.


Thanks for letting us know that your issue has been resolved. If you need any other help, please don’t forget to contact us again. :people_hugging:

Thanks for your help @Frank. :star:

SG | Community Team