A Beginner’s Guide To Direct Debits

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We’re back with another beginner’s guide — if you haven’t read our last one, Want To Know How To Update Personal Details?, we recommend it!

In today’s lesson, we’re going to focus on Direct Debits. :woman_teacher:t2:

What is a Direct Debit?

A Direct Debit is an automated payment method where you give someone else, known as a ‘merchant’, permission to withdraw money from your account at regular intervals. Direct Debits are typically set up for recurring payments like gym memberships, bills, or mortgages.

:mega: At Revolut, you can set up Direct Debits for EUR and GBP payments only.

How can I set up a Direct Debit?

You’ll need to contact the company you’ll be making payments to directly. No need to let Revolut know anything — just provide the merchant with your EUR or GBP account details. If you need help finding those details, check out our Where can I find my account details? FAQ.

PS, when setting up your Direct Debit, you might need to know Revolut’s address, which you can find in our What is Revolut’s name and address? FAQ.

What’s the maximum I can pay in a single Direct Debit transaction?

For SEPA Direct Debits in EUR, the maximum limit for payments is €5,000. There are no limits for Direct Debits between UK accounts in GBP.

How many Direct Debits can I set up?

You can set up as many Direct Debits in your Revolut account as you’d like. :man_dancing:t4:

Can I cancel a Direct Debit?

Of course! Cancelling future Direct Debits is simple in-app. Just go to the ‘Home’ section > ‘Upcoming payments’ > select the Direct Debit you’d like to stop > ‘Cancel’. The Direct Debit should disappear after a few seconds.

For more info, you can visit Setting up a Direct Debit in our Help Centre.

Can I change the Direct Debit amount?

Technically no, the amount associated with Direct Debits can’t be changed in your Revolut app. As a workaround, you can cancel an existing Direct Debit following the steps above, and then get back in touch with the merchant to set up a new Direct Debit for the desired amount.

What if my Direct Debit was charged incorrectly?

Not to worry, we’ll help you dispute the charge. Just go to the ‘Home’ section in-app > select ‘Transaction history’ > ‘Report an issue’ > follow the prompts to fill out the chargeback form.

Anything else you’re eager to know about Direct Debits? Let us know in the comments below. :point_down:t3:

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I’d love my direct debits with revolut but they don’t come with merchant images (didn’t a few month ago) so it’s a little disappointing on that front.

Any idea when this merchant data can be applied to debits?

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Thank you for sharing your feedback with us @Carl_1460. Stay tuned. :hugs:

SG | Community Team

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