Your account is currently blocked for security reasons.

Hi there,

“Your account is currently blocked for security reasons.”
This has appeared on my revolut account. After that I have verified my card from top-ups but this error persist.
It says to contact support. I have contacted Support but nobody answers there, I guess is offline.
Does anybody knows what can I do?


Please do a search on the forum. That is a common issue.

Basically, yes, support should be able to help but it can take a while (too many users, too little staff). Make sure you actually got into the support queue and skipped the chatbot with “live agent”.

I guess is stucked

Try “resolved” first then.

I typed, nothing changed

Hi there. Unfortunately due to high deman there may be a delay. However, I’ve escalated your inquiry to our support team and an agent will contact you via chat shortly.

That’s nice! Thanks a lot

Hi there! Still no updates!

Just for the record, I was curious whether Revolut is case sensitive and might not work with “Live agent” but only with “live agent”. Typed the former and got an immediate response telling me I’d have to wait 20 minutes (thats actually not bad compared to four hours :slight_smile: )

So my advice to everyone who experiences the silent chat would be to force stop the application (maybe clear the cache - NOT data) and restart the application. Additionally, make sure your network connection is working.

I’ve been setting up alarms and contacting :r: with my issues at 3 AM, they answer right away :joy:

Now on a more serious tone, try contacting them via Twitter, it’s usually faster!

Is embarrassing that nobody can do something about it.
I guess the only way is to uninstall the app and install it again.


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Reinstalled and still nothing!

Have you tried Twitter?

I have typed "resolved " again and is ok now. Support working


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How come it did not work earlier?

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I wonder that too…

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