Wrong names in Curve transactions + declined transaction in a market


Since more than a month, all Curve transactions using Revolut as funding card have wrong names in Revolut. Random names or just “Curve”. I could live with that, until this morning: I was going to pay in a minimarket next to my house, the transaction has been declined.

Here’s what I had in Curve:

There was a problem processing your credit card. Please contact your issuer.

Here’s what I had in Revolut:

Your card *XXXX is frozen. We’ve detected a suspicious transaction and frozen your card to protect it. Review the transaction to unfreeze it.

Revolut flagged the transaction as “suspicious” and declined it, then lock my card until I confirmed that I actually made the transaction.

I can understand some automated controls on transactions, but I can’t understand why Revolut is flagging as “suspicious” a purchase in a minimarket. Is it maybe because of Curve? Did Revolut decide to stop supporting it?

Please give an answer on this because it’s really embarrassing to have your card declined without reasons. Luckily I had cash with me, but sometimes I don’t.


Probably a better idea to use the Revolut card directly, to make use of its features properly (curve can’t pipe through multiple currencies to the underlying card) anyways!

You’d have to contact in-app support though. (Actually you can see the transaction in the Revolut app and it should say a reason why the purchase was declined)


I preferred to post in Bugs section because it’s an issue and Revolut should take a look at it. Also, I’d like to know if other people faced the same issue.

I don’t use my Revolut card for two reasons:
1- It’s recognized as a GBP card and there’s a risk of DCC applied to my purchases.
2- It’s a prepaid card (Curve is debit), some merchants doesn’t accept prepaid, and offline purchases don’t work.

Curve helps me fixing these two annoyances.


AFAIK so is Curve :thinking: at least mine is recognised as GBP.

  • This first bit is true, they’re apparently working on getting non-prepaid cards. Most merchants accept either or though so I doubt this is a big issue
  • Revolut supports offline purchases (for example on planes!)


In Curve community, nobody complains about DCC as it happens here. Amazon and PayPal don’t detect the card as GBP, while they do with Revolut.
I don’t think Revolut supports offline purchases. Do you have an official statement announcing it?


the in-flight purchases are a special exception (and don’t always work):

Offline purchases are not supported.


I asked them on Twitter


Prepaid cards don’t support offline transactions.


Also support told me in case of terminals who don’t have Internet access (for example on a flight) you will get an offline/delayed transaction


But they do? Revolut does indeed support flights on offline terminals (such as airplanes) their ToS does state they will request money from top-up cards if you go into negative balance though.


Another transaction has been declined for the same reason (suspicious). This time it was an online transaction with PayPal, (through Curve, because I added Curve on PayPal). That’s not acceptable! I reported to in-app support the first time and they told me it was a mistake, now the same thing happens. I don’t want to see my PayPal account locked because of these stupid issues, I just need to pay things. I’m trusting Revolut and despite having many cards and accounts, I’m using Revolut for all of my expenses. I even top up my Revolut account through bank transfers (where I can) instead of card-top-up because I know Revolut have to pay the interchange fee with the card-top-up. Also, I don’t withdraw money for the same reason. I hope Revolut won’t break my trust.


Seme today in my case, tested only once. I will update if it works after confirmation of this operation


Another transaction declined for a friend of mine, the exact same situation (Curve with Revolut as funding card, “suspicious transaction”). Is something happening between Curve and Revolut?



My last transaction was ok: I made a purchase on Amazon, Crv*amazon.it appeared in my list, I didn’t have suspicious transactions in last 12 days.

Fixed, finally?


Can you test it just by buying something from nearest shop using Curve+Revolut as funding?


It seems to be working for me too now. When I logged out and back in, it even corrected the old transactions too.

better Paypal integration: display where money spent

I heavily used my Curve card linked with Revolut in the last two weeks.
At the first day (18th december) I got the third declined transaction (1.60€!) with the same reason. Very weird, because the decline happened some minutes after another transaction (19.80€) which went well.
After that, no more declines. 80% of transactions have the correct name, Crv*[merchant]. 20% of them don’t have the Crv* prefix.