Ryanair inflight purchases

Just to let users know in case the same happens to anyone else - I paid for food on a Ryanair flight last week (wasn’t bad either!) but when we landed at Stansted and obviously their system synchronised the payments were declined by Revolut due to the geo-location security. I thought I’d bagged a free lunch but you will find Ryanair manage to re-do the transaction a few days later and it was successfully debited 48 hrs later! Still showed as a remote debit (from Dublin when I am in London) so I’m not sure how they bypass the security the second time but all very fair so no complaint!


Good to know the card works with Ryanair.

I am curious, do you happen to know by any chance if it was a chip + PIN or a magstripe transaction?

What would happen if you did a double-block on both Revolut and Curve? So the airline tries to charge your Curve card (disabled), and Revolut is selected as the underlying card (also disabled).

Cuve was involved? So it wasn’t a Revolut card payment on board?

There is no suggestion that Curve was involved. I am asking what would happen if one inserted a disabled Curve card between the airline and a disabled Revolut card.

I was able to use Revolut Metal on Ryanair flights. Flight attendant even was happy that I’m using Revolut, because she herself also using Revolut Metal for everyday payments. First payment was tap&pay, second was chip&pin. ~ 30 min after landing payments was authorized from my account as delayed payments.

Good to know that it seems to be fixed then! Taking a Ryanair flight soon so it’ll be a relief that I won’t have to carry another card/loose change :slight_smile:

In the last 2 weeks my Revolut Card has been rejected twice on Ryanair in flight purchases.

Before that it always worked - does anyone know if anything has changed?