Work in Scotland

Hello, can I use the revolut UK account to work on a farm in Scotland and how will I receive weekly payments to my account or will it be blocked ??

Hey Wela. If you are a resident of a EEA country then you can sign up with Revolut. You can then use your GBP personal account to get send money from Scotland through bank transfers.

Well, I come from Poland and I go to work seasonally just to go to Scotland for a farm and I am just afraid that I will receive weekly payments to this revolut UK account or not be blocked because other users wrote that accounts were blocked for no reason

Just remember to verify your account so your annual limit won’t be super low. Then you should be fine :slight_smile:

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You can find more information in the help centre

My limit is PLN 60,000 a year and I do not want to have a problem for my account to be blocked and I will not have access to the withdrawal

Just make sure you won’t get past that limit. If you are close to it then you can request for it to be increased.

Here you can see what prof of funds you can use.

The people here who get their accounts blocked are most likely not verified and therefor they exceed their annual limit. I haven’t had any problems yet.

It is a good idea to read all of the help centre articles. It will explain a lot about how Revolut and your card works.

And you normally use your account in the UK and normally make a deposit by transfer from another bank ??

In Denmark yes, i just top up with card.

So I can calmly use this account for work in Scotland ??

To my knowledge. Yes.

Thank you for your help

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