Work a little bit more your new logo

Hi. Your new logo doesn’t match your general design. The typography Is really boring and doesn’t have the character of the old one. In fact you leave the old “R” with the new “Revolut” I really don’t understand why you do this. You change half of your logo.
I think you deserve a better logo. At least be more consistent and come with a new “R” too.
I edit to say all my respects to the designers it is just a point of view.


I think it looks very ugly in general. New branding would be appreciated


They’ve recently released a new logo.

Thats the logo we’re saying sucks

I’m not saying it sucks. I just don’t like it. And specially the mixing of the old with the new. Doesn’t seem like finished design. Mixing both typographies doesn’t feels right to me. If the R is so iconic and has a strong identity the new typography should have some kind of relation to this R. Or you change the typography completely and came with a new iconic R. Mixing this two diferent designs feels confusing.

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One of the reasons for the mix that I can see is that they want to establish a brand family. The Revolut brand is the core, and sub-brands like Business and the consumer product is built around this. Business gets the simple typography only design in black, white, grey. The consumer brand keeps the well known and more playful R in a slightly changed blue gradient as an additional element to the core Revolut typography.

This seems to make sense from a brand strategy perspective. And that’s progress, “Business” was just floating around somewhere, now both sub brands are “on the same level”.

It’s sometimes hard to evaluate brand design without knowing what the whole strategy is. It could be that they are just laying the foundation here for a more coherent visual identity that’s going to reveal itself over time.


Good point. So maybe the are changing slowly.

I preferred the old logo

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Don’t think we can get them to change their minds, they out out an official announcement about it

Corporate history if full of examples of Companies fiddling with their logo and ‘rebranding’ shortly before getting into trouble. Is it checking your hair in the rearview mirror…

Have they been in trouble? Interesting, got a link?