Withdrawing GBP from Coinbase to Revolut?

Hi guys, wondering if I could get confirmation from someone that I’m about to do this the right way. So I have GBP stuck in Coinbase that I need to withdraw. Do I need to 1) send 6 Euro from my Revolut account to CB in order to establish a verified connection 2) send GBP from CB to Revolut using my IBAN number and then 3) finally send the money in my Revolut account to my UK bank account? Any help much appreciated.


Hey Neonjung

That is exactly the 3 steps you need. The most important is to make sure you have enabled your personal IBAN.

Good luck. Otherwise there is several posts with images that show how to do it :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply - how do I enable my personal IBAN ? The option to do this says it’s available at a later date. In the meantime it seems I can use the generic IBAN for Revolut along with my own personal reference number, if that makes sense? Thanks

Under the account list click GBP in the local tap there should be a Activate account button. Click that and you should see a screen where the Beneficiary is you, with an account no and sort code. The process is the same for EUR account.

Ah yes, I did that. I just sent some Euro to CB and I’ve checked my statement and it does in fact have my own IBAN connected to it. Guess it’s just a waiting game now. Thanks for the help!



I wish to sell crypto in Coinbase and transfer the funds to Revolut. I have been following instructions on YouTube and elsewhere on how to link my Revolut account with Coinbase. However, I have failed to locate the field in Revolut for the important “reference number” produced by Coinbase which must be included along with the “Recipient’s IBAN” “Recipient’s name” etc. Are there any updates instructions on how to do this? Thanks